I got mine pierced when I was eight teen.

By Elaine from Summerville.

My dad gave me $200 for xmas/my bday. So I asked my aunt to take me a couple days after my bday. I went into the place and signed the papers and stuff. The man put on the clamp that hurt more than the piercing itself. I also got my nose pierced the same day too. I will say the nose hurt more than the belly. I went in thinking my belly would hurt way more than my nose. So when he put the neddle through my nose it felt like I was shot in the face lol. Yes a tear did come out. I couldn’t help it. But it’s over within twenty seconds. If you take proper care of your piercing, it should not get infected.

I wash it daily with salt and hot water. And I try not to touch my piercings unless i really have to, but I do make sure my hands are clean first.

My piercer said to wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing it piercing. I waited almost 4 to 5 months to change mine because I didn’t think it had healed well enough. Don’t stress if it’s not healed by tat time, everyone’s own body is different and it can take up to one and a half years for it to fully heal.

I tried to avoid swimming for a couple of months. If you cant avoid it, make sure you wear a waterproof bandage over your piercing. Not bandaids, as they stick to the piercing and hurt when you pull it off.

This also goes for when you play sport, because you don’t want sweat to get into the piercing – leading to an infection. Wear a bandage or something to protect it & try not to knock it as this can cause aggravation.

Changing the ring doesn’t hurt a bit, but if you’re worried, ask a friend or family memeber who has there’s done to help you.

I’m really happy with mine, it looks great! & now I love to wear bikinis, because I have a chance to show it off without feeling self-conscious. 🙂

The story behind the run around…

By Liv from Bonita Springs.
 Well to start I told my mom how I wanted my nose and bellybutton pierce for my sixteenth birthday. So she did some calling around for me and I did some calling around too to find out what the process of getting a piercing was.

We found out that I needed to have a form of ID. So my mom took me over to the tax collector. I couldn’t believe how much paper work the tax collector needed just for a State ID. They needed to proofs of residents your birth certificate and my mom’s ID. Then she took me to get my piercings but when we got there the tattoo place they gave us a sheet that we had to go get notarized and it was now after five and we were hoping the pack n ship was still open for us to get a notary.

So my mom and I drove over there to end up finding out they closed early that day. So we drove back over to tattoo place where both the tattooist and my mom tried to find another notary. We finally found someone that did it out of their house.

So my mom drove over there. In the process of us eaving the in home notary my mom lost her footing and broke her favorite shoes still in pursuit to getting my piercings done. She responded in saying the things I do for my daughter. Once back at the tattoo place we filled out the paper work and showed the guy our IDs.

Then from there I picked out my piercings. The guy took us back to where he was going to pierce me. So he started with my nose he marked my left side and asked me if I was ready then it was all over. My nose was finally pierced! Next was my belly button he had me stand up and went to go mark my belly but I couldn’t stop moving. Eventually I was able to stand still.

Once I was marked it was time to pierce my belly button. Then he had me lay down and he put the clamp on my skin what’s funny is that’s what hurt the most. He was then ready to slide the needle in I do have to say it did hurt a little but not as much as the clamp. Now I’ve got my piercings and still plan to get more.

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Blue? Purple? My belly button ring story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Brandi from Winona.
On Febuary eight two thousand and twelve I had my belly button Pierced. At four pm. I accuatly went to a friend because she is a professional. I asked her to pierce it and she agreed to it. I was be yond scared.

We went to her house and I was SCARED… I wasnt sure what to expect other then I was going to get a giant needle shoved through my stomach. I am diabetic and needles dont scare me but that needle did… When she preped my skin and cleaned everything up, she told me to pick a belly button barbell and lay back in the chair..I was shaking like you wouldnt beleive… as I laid back and I was talking to her about my day, she clamped my stomach, and i told her it hurt a lot.. She said if I can handle the clamp i can handle the needle… She was right, the clamp hurt more… as I was talking to her, that is when she shoved the needle through my stomach… and I didnt feel the needle at all!!!!

when I looked down I saw my belly ring, but then i saw the blood and i felt the pain.. it was dfinatly not fun after the pain came on.. but it was okay.. Then went I went to bed i had to learn to move as my piercing moved. Its been 9 days and its healing and itching. I do love m,y belly button ring and my new piercing… I feel amazing with it in and I absolutely do not regret getting it.. Its my own little part of me.

I know I have wanted this since I was 13, 4 years later It was well worth it!!!! I don’t know why parents say no to belly button rings.. because they are so cute!!! I just received my new belly rings in the mail and i want to change it so bad!!! I would highly suggest getting your belly button pierced!!!!!!!! This is my belly button ring piercing story, and I highly suggest getting your belly button pierced.. Its amazing!!! Now there is nothing to worry about,

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Hellooooo Sexay!!

By Ashley from White Plains.

I’ve never been the most confident person. I never thought I was gorgeous (I mean, I’m attractive and all), and I never really thought I was that sexy. One day at school, my friend runs up to me and goes “Guess what?!” and yanks up her shirt. My eyes almost bugged out of my head. I instantly bombarded her with questions: how much? Where? When? Did it hurt? The more we talked, the more I knew that I wanted one. Who know? Maybe it would give me the self-esteem boost I needed.

That was almost 2 yrs ago. I never brought it up to my parents since I already knew they would reply with a big fat NO. Then, a few weeks ago, the unthinkable happened! My dad walked right up to me and said, “For your high school graduation, my present to you is that you can get your belly button pierced.” My response? =D =D =D. Mind you I’m 18, so technically I didn’t need his permission, but still, it felt great to know that I had his approval.

I talked to my friend again, and shegave me the details about the place she had gone to, Big Joe & Sons. She told me they were very clean and very professional. I talked to a few more of my friends who I knew had piercings, and they all recommended the same place.

Finally the day came. When we got to Big Joe’s, I found that my friends hadn’t been wrong. The place was very clean and sanitary. My piercer was very nice and polite and explained the entire process to me. She made sure I was ready, before taking me into the back room alone (my dad hates needles).

She washed her hands and put on gloves. She cleaned off the area with alcohol, and lined up my belly button, marking the spot with a dot. “Let’s do this!” I said.

The clamp actually hurt more than the piercing itself. She told to me take a deep breath, and when I exhaled, I felt a two pricks (one for the needle going in & coming out the other side) and it was over. That was it? No lie, it did hurt, but waaaayyy less than I thought. After that, she screwed on the ball, !
and wipe
d me off. I stood up and wow! I was in love with it.

Afterwards, she gave me a sheet with all the aftercare instructions: for 2 months, soak the area with warm water & sea salt 2x a day, and then clean with antibacterial soap 2x a day. Don’t be alarmed if you see a little discharge, that’s normal, but don’t be afraid to call if you’re unsure.

For the first few days, it was a little uncomfortable for me to touch, bend over, or lay on my stomach, but the following week, I almost forgot I had it! I told my mom about it, and I could tell she wasn’t too happy, but all she could say was, “It’s done.” It’s been about 20 days now, and I honestly love it. I can’t change it yet, but when I can, I’ll probably get a Bioplast ring, just to be on the safe side. It makes me feel more confident and sexy! I couldn’t be happier!