How To Change Belly Ring

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to change your belly ring in no time!

Having been waiting for nearly five months(!) Sally(in the pictures!) finally inserted her new gold belly button ring. Yes – navel piercing takes some time to heal. However, it depends on the person – others’ navels heal quickly, like ear piercings. Other piercings take longer to heal, like surface piercings. The amount of skin that the piercing goes through, counts too.

Read on and see how to change belly ring!
First you have to assess if your belly piercing is well healed. Only change the belly ring when you are sure it’s healed! Look at Sally’s navel about two months ago:

The piercing was a bit inflamed – you can see the red crusty edge around the inner hole. At this stage it wouldn’t be wise to change belly button ring. You have to wait till it looks like this:

The skin is well healed, no puss comes out and the piercing isn’t tender to touch.

Remember: you shouldn’t be experiencing any discomfort while touching, rolling or sliding your belly ring along the new hole in your navel!

Prepare the new piercing – screw off the ball, wipe it well with saline solution and put it aside for a while. Now screw off the little ball of your old belly button ring and pull it out gently. Here’s the piercing without the belly ring:

You can see it looks well and shows no sign of irritation or infection.

Now you’re ready to insert your new belly button ring. Take it and insert into the right hole slowly and push it through. If the piercing is well healed, the belly ring will slide through normally and find its way.

This belly ring is a reverse gold belly button ring – it is to be inserted from the top to the bottom. When Sally did it first, she put it the wrong way. It’s not a big deal, but you should do as little damage to your navel piercing as possible and not irritate it with unnecessary actions.

In the case you can’t get it in and it starts to hurt, stop doing it immediately and go back to the piercing studio where you got your navel pierced. The piercer will help you insert the belly ring without damaging the half-healed wound.

So – when you’ve successfully inserted the belly ring, screw the small ball on and – it’s ready! From the front, the navel with the new belly button ring looks like this:

Looks gorgeous, doesn’t it:-)?

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