The not so suprising shock

By Meaghan McDonald, London, Ontario

Belly Button Ring

As I entered the peircing shop.. My heart started to pound. I was soon inhailing in and out as i reached the counter. I stepped up and told the girl “1 belly button piercing please”.

She told me i would have to wait about 45 minutes as there were many people there to get that same piercing. I did as i was told and left the counter. I ended up going out from lunch and then retourning the same heart pounding shop. I stepped up and the lady already recognized me. My friend smiled at me as she was there to support me 😀

A man came out and waved his hand to come in a small cluttered room. He talked to me, and explained that “Most girls scare themself’s with the attached stress more than the actaul pain.” So, i took a breath and smiled 🙂

I knew i was ready to do this. I had been wanting it for sometime now. The man shined a light on my stomach and started to draw 2 dots on my belly. I wasn’t even nervous at this point. Following his instructions i layed on the small bed thing. He cleaned my belly button and took a needle to it. My friend smiled as i squeezed her hand in shock. It really was not that bad!

As he sled the barbell in i made a funny face. It was not very painful it more just like and “ouch!” 🙂 I stood up and led myself to a mirror. I was SO happy with the results! Afterwards he explained to me how to clean and take care of it. I listened well and thanked the man. Sometimes the fear of doing something can be cool. It shows you are somewhat brave to actaully get something on your body pierced.

I was SO happy in the end with no doubt i left the shop with a smile on my face and a sexy looking belly button 😉