Britney Spears’s Belly Button Piercing

Britney Spears Belly Button Piercing

I’d put the princess of pop at the very top of the list because she has made belly button piercing more popular than before and it is one of her trademarks along with low-rise jeans, lower back tattoos and whale tail (when strings appear above the waistline of low-rise jeans and bear resemblance to a whale tale:-).

Sometimes belly piercing is even called a Britney piercing thanks to the popularity of the singer!

Britney Spears had allegedly got her navel piercing while on the trip to Hawaii with her friends in 2000. However, some time before that in an interview for Teen Magazine Britney had admitted to be against body piercing saying that is was outdated.

Apparently, she came to understand later on that belly button rings weren’t out of fashion – their popularity had just started to grow – and joined other celebrities with belly button rings.

Interestingly – during her pregnancy Britney didn’t keep the belly piercing changing it for a supple PTFE pregnancy belly ring. She got rid of it and then got re-pierced again in November 2005 in New York City at Venus by Maria Tash – an upscale jewelry and piercing studio.

Maria, who had pierced Britney Spears before pierced her again and this time put in her navel a new blue topaz and white gold belly button ring worth more than $200.