Blue? Purple? My belly button ring story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Brandi from Winona.

On Febuary eight two thousand and twelve I had my belly button Pierced. At four pm. I accuatly went to a friend because she is a professional. I asked her to pierce it and she agreed to it. I was be yond scared.

We went to her house and I was SCARED… I wasnt sure what to expect other then I was going to get a giant needle shoved through my stomach. I am diabetic and needles dont scare me but that needle did… When she preped my skin and cleaned everything up, she told me to pick a belly button barbell and lay back in the chair..I was shaking like you wouldnt beleive… as I laid back and I was talking to her about my day, she clamped my stomach, and i told her it hurt a lot.. She said if I can handle the clamp i can handle the needle… She was right, the clamp hurt more… as I was talking to her, that is when she shoved the needle through my stomach… and I didnt feel the needle at all!!!!

when I looked down I saw my belly ring, but then i saw the blood and i felt the pain.. it was dfinatly not fun after the pain came on.. but it was okay.. Then went I went to bed i had to learn to move as my piercing moved. Its been 9 days and its healing and itching. I do love m,y belly button ring and my new piercing… I feel amazing with it in and I absolutely do not regret getting it.. Its my own little part of me.

I know I have wanted this since I was 13, 4 years later It was well worth it!!!! I don’t know why parents say no to belly button rings.. because they are so cute!!! I just received my new belly rings in the mail and i want to change it so bad!!! I would highly suggest getting your belly button pierced!!!!!!!! This is my belly button ring piercing story, and I highly suggest getting your belly button pierced.. Its amazing!!! Now there is nothing to worry about,

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