My Belly Button ring stories (:

By Gabby, from Macon,GA

 So when I was 12 years old me and my best friend said we wanted to get out belly buttons periced. So, we tryed to do it our self’s That didn’t work out they got infected. So we had to take them out.

And then the second time I had it dont professonaly, and when I did I got it for christmas this year, and when I did, I was like it is gonna hurt like a hell becasue it did when we did it our self’s well no when he clamped it I was like I was like Mama, Hold my hand ! ( I am not 14 years old)

So when he put the needle in, I was like oh Mama let go of my hand that didnt even hurt! She was like Oh My God It looks like it hurt, I was like nawh. It don’ t.

So now that I have had it for about a month in a half. I have not had any problems with it. I am a cheerleader, so I have to put a plug in it when we have practice.. And I LOVE IT !! So happy I got it re done!

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Awesome Belly Piercing

By Kristi, West Virginia

Belly Piercing Story

Well i have wanted my belly button pierced since i have been 13 but of course my parents wouldnt agree to take me…

But sure enought two days after i turned 18 i went to get it done!

My parents had gone out of town to see a football game so it was perfect timing. I was quit nervous that day but it all worked out.

On that rainy saturday my boyfriend had planned on taking me out for a birthday dinner along with the piercing. I got more and more nervous as i got closer the the tattoo shop. Finally we got there and I told the lady what I wanted and she had me fill out some papers and pick out which ring i wanted.

Next thing knew i was sittin in the chair watching this guy get ready to pierce me. He put the clamp on and i looked away as he stuck the needle through(Which i didnt feel at all!).

About a half minute later he said your done! It was so fast i didnt feel a thing. I was so happy as i ran out to show my boyfriend who was waiting in the front room. As we left i was so excited i almost slipped on the icy deck! 🙂

Its been a month since i got it done and its healing great and of course i told my parents and they didnt mind! All in all it was worth the time and money i love it so much!