I did my own belly?!?!

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Lots of people these days are getting piercings some normal and some unique i am one of thoes people tht does them themselves rather than paying to get them done.

I wanted to try to pierce my belly so i got out a curved sowing needle and sterilized it then i got the belly ring i purchased earlier and sterilized tht too then i got a permanent marker and figured out where the hole would begin and end up then i got out some ice and nummed the sopt for awile then pushed the needle all the way through and left it in for abt a couple of hrs.

Then i took the needle out and pushed the belly ring in and after that i sterilized it and put tape on the piercing so it wouldnt rip off in my sleep and did it every night for about 4 weeks untill it healed then in abt 7 weeks i changed it to a dangly ring making shure to sterilize every ring tht i used into my belly it can be a painful piercing and if u have thick skin lyk me it will be a difficult piercing to do u have to beable to take pain when doing this pircing or it will hurt u and only use surgical stainless steal stanless steal or the new PFFTE piercings or it will get infected!