“3..2..” “WAIT!”

By Tenesha, from Williamsport, PA.

I never really considered getting my belly button pierced until late last year. My friend got hers done and it looked great on her. Everyone was like “Oh Tenesha. You should get yours done!” I was like “Uh…no…” at first. Then I started considering getting one. I searched around online and found out that some of my favorite celebs had them. Then I spent a good few months looking at pictiures of belly button piercings and rings. I decided that this was something I wanted. I talked with my friend and she promised that she’d go with me. Of course then, I looked up belly piercing procedures and infection stories on youtube and scared the crap out of myself. I was having second thoughts until my friend reassured me that all I’d feel was a pinch (this coming from someone with a VERY low pain tolerance). So I got up the nerve and we went to the mall Febuary 19th 2010.

On the way there, I could feel myself starting to get nervous. All I could think about was the pain and the possibiliy of infectin. When we got to the piercing place, it was deserted. No one was there. That meant that I’d be in and out. I was hoping for some stall time but they took my info and lead me and my friend back into the room. The guy measured my belly button and had me lay down on a metal table (so cold!). He put the clamp on. I was so scared. The guy told me that if I didn’t calm down, he wouldn’t do it. My friend held my hand as the guy counted down “3….2…” “WAIT!” I yelled. I told him I wasn’t ready yet. I took a deep breath and gave the guy the go to start over. “3…2…1” *jab* I tensed up as he pushed the bar in. It didn’t hurt but I expected pain. The man put the ring in and then I was done. I looked in the mirror and thought “So cute!” I bought my first ring that day. It was a green gemed one. So cute…

My piercing was tender for 3 days. I had to learn how to sleep on my sides. The night I got it done, I rolled over on my tummy while sleeping and woke up screaming. Ouch… I was so paranoid that it wou!
ld get i
nfected. I’m pretty sure I took too many precautions (puttin a bandaid over the piercing in the shower, taking 2 showers a day plus using the after spray 3 times a day).

When I first changed it, I was soo nervous. I couldn’t get the balls off. My friend had to help me. I expected it to hurt but it didn’t. The bar slid right out and the new one slid right in. Now, 4 months after my belly piercing, I’m less paranoid and working hard to be able to show off my piercing for the summer 😀

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Impulsive, But No Regrets!

By Mari, California.


I just got my belly button pierced yesterday!

I was so excited to get it done because I had been thinking about doing it for a couple weeks. I was also a bit nervous…mainly because my parents would kill me if they knew about it. That’s why I had to wait until I turned 18 to get pierced.

I chose the studio because it is easy to get there from where I work. One of my coworkers got his lip pierced there and I also read up on the studio online to make sure that it had a good reputation.

When I decided to get my piercing, it was Monday and I showed up with a couple friends. However, it turns out that Monday is the one day the piercer is off work (it’s a tattoo and piercing shop)! I was pretty sad, but decided to come back on Wednesday.
So I did! I came in with the same group of friends. The piercer is so nice! She knows what she’s doing and has over 10 years of experience. She was really calm, which definitely helped with my nerves! Also, she easily answered all my questions. Her demeanor helped calm me down so much. It was also cool to look at all the piercings she has. You can tell this is something she loves.

Before the actual piercing, she marked the piercing site with a toothpick with some ink on it (not the marker itself because that would transmit bacteria). She asked if that looked okay and showed me what kind of jewelry would be best to use.

Finally, I laid back and my friend held my hand and then it was over! She only used one needle and it was quick and painless. It felt like someone was pinching me. That’s all!
I didn’t look when she pierced it, because I was afraid I would flinch or something and screw everything up.
She told me about the salt-water soaks and all that before she actually pierced it and informed me about how I could make my own solution. After she pierced it, she gave me a pamphlet that had all the information she had told me. I swear I could have skipped out of that place; I was so happy 😀
My piercing doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve been cleaning it and following the guidelines, so I hope it will be okay!