Pain Kills – Time Heals!

This navel piercing story has been submitted by Kalesha from Brooklyn! 😉

Pain Kills - Time Heals Belly Piercing Story!

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I’ve had my navel piercing for 2 years now. When I first got my piercing I went with friends – one of them already had hers pierced she was telling me her experience – the pinch feeling.

I was shaking as if I was cold as soon as I saw the thick needle – I had that “I’m giving up!” feeling.

I wanted just run out the place for a moment so I closed my eyes and said to myself “You can do this” my friends were on the side making me nervous. “OMG the needle!!!” – they added.

I closed my eyes as felt a pinch and sting. I suddenly started bleeding it was a little painful but I was so glad I did it and got it over with. I was in pain so and couldn’t lay on my stomach it use to hurt when I wanted to sit down.

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belly piercing story

Maria’s Belly Piercing Story
I got mine pierced when I was fourteen.

The clamp that they use actually hurts more than the piercing itself – so you have nothing to worry about in regards to the pain. It’s over within twenty seconds. If you take proper care of your piercing, it should not get infected.

I recommend washing it daily with salt and water that has once been boiling hot water, but cooled down (this is to get rid of germs/bacteria etc). Try not to touch your piercing unless you really have to, but make sure your hands are clean first.

They say to wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing your piercing. I waited 8 weeks to change mine because I didn’t think it had healed well enough, but it’s totally up to you. If it’s still red, you know you should wait a little longer. Don’t stress if it’s not healed by that time, everyone’s own body is different and it can take up to one and a half years for it to fully heal.

Try to avoid swimming for a couple of months (showers/baths are fine). If you cant avoid it, make sre you wear a waterproof bandage over your piercing. Not bandaids, as they stick to the piercing and hurt when you pull it off.

This also goes for when you play sport, because you don’t want sweat to get into the piercing – leading to an infection. Wear a bandage or something to protect it & try not to knock it as this can cause aggravation.

Changing the ring doesn’t hurt a bit, but if you’re worried, ask a friend or family memeber who has there’s done to help you.

I’m really happy with mine, it looks great! & now I love to wear bikinis, because I have a chance to show it off without feeling self-conscious. 🙂

4 Months of begging and good friends (;

By, Ianthe from Harrogate.

So i’ve wanted my belly done for a long time, NEARLY a year infact, I finally got the nerve to ask my mum, As you can imagine, initially the response was “NO!” I spent a whole 4months begging and pleading, and coming up with justifying excuses like “But mum, it’s better than a tattoo, i can just take it out and no scars left!” & “If i decide i don’t want it one day, I can just take it out, and it’s fine (: ” Still the answer was no, So I got my mums friend to talk to her about it, and eventually my mum came around. Initially the plan was to get it done for my 15th Birthday, But we were in the middle of moving house, and I knew a place where my friends had been and had good reports, so we went there, a WHOLE MONTH before my 15th (: So the weeks after i knew i’d get it done it was pure suspense, When i got there it was pure nerves, My piercer went through all the aftercare & piercing details and my mum signed all the papers, The piercer marked the dot on with a purple pen and after checking i it were straight he asked me to lay down, Previously i’d been asking all of the people in the tattoo parlour ‘does it hurt’ The pircer then said to me, “Let’s go at it this way, It’s gonna hurt and it’ll hurt like hell, Then when it doesn’t you’ll be happy” So i wrapped my arms around the underneath of the bench and after a tiny pinch of the clamp it was done…. I LOVE IT!! I reccomend it to all young girls, or anyone who wants it done for that matter.. The tiny bit of pain is worth it and it looks so beautiful!

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getting your belly pierced by ellen victoria!!

By Ellen, from Southport, England.

I must have been about 11 years old when I first thought about getting my belly button pierced, and I guess ever since then the idea just stuck in my mind. I wanted one for two years so you could imagine how happy I was when I was able to do it!

I finally managed to persuade my mum to let me get the piercing a few days after Christmas 2010, so me, my boyfriend, and my mum went to a piercing studio.

The man that pierced my belly was called Steve, he was really nice and because I was wearing my Jamaica shirt he asked about my holiday .
Because I’d read some reviews on navel piercings that had gone wrong or gotten infected I was a little nervous but I was too excited to care much about worrying.

First Steve measured my belly button to make sure he pierced it in the right place, then he put a clamp onto it and sprayed freezing spray on it so it went numb, which was the worst part of the whole experience because the clamp pinched a little bit and the spray made my tummy tingle but after a fe seconds, twenty at most, I couldn’t feel it anymore.

My boyfriend was talking to me when Steve told me it was all done, I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t feel a thing!
I stood up and looked in the mirror at my new red and silver belly bar – I loved it!

After this, he handed me a small leaflet with information on how to keep the area and piercing clean, ‘do’s and don’ts’, etc..
I thanked him, and left the shop.

I’ve had my belly pierced for nearly four months now, and it’s all healed up now so I can change the bar whenever I want to, although I still use the cleaning routine that Steve gave me so I don’t risk infection.
If you’re thinking about getting your belly button pierced, go for it! Trust me, it doesn’t hurt and if you’re scared of needles just don’t look at it and everything will be fine!

Peace out xxxxxxxxxx

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Finally, a Girl’s Dream Came True!

By Brianna, from New York.

I’ve wanted my belly button pierced since I was around ten, when I found out you could pierce a belly button! My mother would NEVER let me get any sort of piercing except my ears, so I had to wait until I left for college. I looked up piercing shops online near my school, and picked one where they offered the cheapest prices, including the first piece of jewelry AND aftercare solution in the total cost.

I told my roommate that if it looked sketchy we were leaving, but it didn’t; it was open, clean, and well-lit. There were two people ahead of me already there getting pierced and the piercer was very professional. When it was my turn, I asked “belly button please,” and he told me to pick my jewelry. I had brought a bioplast piece with me but he recommended against using it (which turned out to be silly GO BIOPLAST FOR INITIAL PIERCINGS, I’ve learned from experience!), so I picked a stainless steel one with blue gems from the case. He took it to be sterilized and directed me to the percing area. I stood in front of the mirror to be able to watch him mark my belly as we discussed our slight OCD tendencies in terms of exactness. Finally it was chair time and he instructed me to lie across the chair so my belly was flat.

I’ve been scared of needles my whole life, but I’d been wanting this SO BAD for SO LONG. I figured since I was paying the guy, I wasn’t going to freak out on him, haha. My roommate held my hand, the piercer put the clamps on, said “ready,” and OUCH! Of course it HURT, but the discomfort of the clamps helped distract from the pain. My roommate told me I was so beast about it, and that my expression didn’t even change, nor did I squeeze her hand. If someone who once took 2+ hours to get blood drawn was beast about this, then you can defo handle it, too! 🙂 I looked in the mirror and instantly LOVED IT!! It was well worth 30 seconds of pain! He gave me a sea salt spray, instructing me to spray twice a day, and a card with aftercare instructions on it.

Finally :)

By Gabi, from Waycross.

When I was in fourth grade, I saw a a girl in my class with her bellybutton pierced, after that moment I knew I was getting one. At that point I was so young and I hadn’t even had my ears pierced, so I knew it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

By the time I was in sixth grade I wanted it sooooo bad and so did my friends, we all decided to try to pierce it ourselves and I couldn’t get it all the way through, so it didn’t work. I got a fake one but it just wasn’t the same, so I kept begging my parents and they kept saying no. I just wanted it so bad.

But when I was sixteen, I asked my mom and she finally said if I researched enough and could tell her enough facts about it she would consider it. I was soooooooooooo excited!!!!! Ha, but she also said I had to convince daddy :S. But I thought I could handle it.

So I finally did all of that and both my parents agreed, and we went to get it. At first I was really nervous and I could tell my mom was to. But there was NO turning back. Ha . I went back into th back where the guy to pierce me was. He looked at me and told me to sit in the chair and lean back. I was shaking soo bad. He cleaned it and I look away and when I looked back he had already did it.

Ha, I was like what just happened. Ha, but it was over and I looked at it and I hated it. I felt like the gut pierced wat to much skin way to high, and I was so pissed off. But I think it was actually just the bellybutton ring, it was the circle kind and those are ugly to me. Now I love it and I have a better one in. But I think anyone who is thinking about getting one think it through definalty not try to do it on your own.

If your parents say no don’t do it behind their backs. But if they let you, DO IT! Ha. Sorry the quality on the picture is so bad!

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Gateway to my addiction.

By Sabrina.

For piercings that is!

It all started around january of 09,i had been getting crappy grades and my mom was trying to find a way to make me do better in school and so how? a piercing. I had always wanted one and when i was 12, my sister (14 at the time) got her navel pierced. I was EXTREMELY jealous! and since then, was determined to get one when i was fourteen too. In march, i decided instead of a monroe, i was going to get it. At first my mom was hesitant, because at my age my sister never followed aftercare correctly and hers ended up rejecting after two months, but she said yes. I was so excited i actually started paying attention in class and actually studying for tests! and at the end of may my report card came in with exactly what i was hoping for; no ds or fs. I wanted to go as soon as possible and couldnt beleive it was really going to happen!

But all my excitement came to a halt when i couldnt find my birth certificate 🙁 out of me my brother and my sister, she lost mine. Instead of oing to get pierced we had to go downtown to get my birthcertificate which was very uneventful after. I waited and waited and two weeks later, me and my older sister bugged my mom enough to have her take us and she said “Fine! but i hope it hurts” and i was so happy!

Me and my sister had called this shop called Majestik.On the phone they told us $25 including
jewelry, so we thought cool. When we got there they said for me and my sister it would both be 65$ plus jewelry.They were rude and overpriced so we left.The way out there was this other shop so we decided to look in there. The guy said no they couldnt do it because they thought i was like a
goddamn 12 year old! and that my mom could be a cool aunt even though we had a birth certificate and my school id and my mom had her id and we had the same last name, they still said no its up to the piercer.So we went
outside to talk to the piercer who was on a smoke break. He said “yeah normally we do them on 16 year olds because they were considered “sexua!l” what
the? i only want one like most 14 year olds do!
so we went to this other place.Still no.we went to about 5 shops. then my mom was getting pretty angry because we had wasted all her gas and my 6month old nephew was with us, so my sister went to this shop called 4FORTY4. She told me before when we were leaving Majestik that she could get hers done their but i couldn’t because they only do 16 andup, but decided to check while my mom made me got get her and my nephew an ice cream at dairy queen because i had given up hope that i was getting one today.

My sister comes back shortly and said “yeah they’ll do it for both of us and its 25 each including jewelry” AT LAST! i thought. so now we had to go find a parking spot that was 3 blocks from the shop and it was about 106 degrees out and we had my sisters baby with us. When we got to the door this lady was talking to one of the tattoo artists and my mom immediately was like “i swear i know you from somewhere” anyways, they had worked together. When i
got in the plce it looked semi-boring but had a nice display of jewelry and they had these eyelets with star cutouts in them which i have been wanting badly since i first saw them on so me and my sister decided to sit down and look at portfolios when the piercer came out,he said “i normally wouldn’t do 14 year olds so don’t tell your friendsbecause i don’t want to have to pierce a bunch of 14 year olds navels” and i said “haha good thing that none of my friends want one”, and took a look at me and my sisters navels.My sisters old one had left her with scar tissue, but he said he could pierce it higher up so he wouldn’t touch it. And mine was perfect for piercing.
So we wait about 10 minutes
and sign all the papers and by then i was nervous and the adrenalin started coming and i knew i couldn’t back out so when he called us back he asked who wants to go first, i immediately said i would so i wouldn’t back out.
He then went through aftercare.So he first went to wash his hands and put on gloves then!
off my navel with blue looking-ish gel cleaner and then marked where my new hole would be. I took one look in the mirror and
declared the mark perfect and told me to pick out a color and i picked aqua. he then got out the needles and aqua jewelry and told me to lay down.
Laying there i was wondering if he was going to put clamps on me and from reading many stories, i heard they stung quite a bit. So, after laying there for a few seconds he then said he was not going to pierce me yet he was
going to make sure everything was aligned and no surprises and then told me to take a deep breath in and then out slowly.
Right before he was about to pierce me i decided to look at the ceiling to take my mind off of it and relax then he told me to take a deep breath and as i breathed out i felt the needle, it felt like a sting and as soon as i breathed out i
couldn’t feel it at all.
I didn’t even feel him put
the jewelry in and within seconds he told me to get up when i was ready. I quickly got up without feeling lighheaded or dizzy (probably because when
i had to get my mom ice cream i decided to get myself one)and went to the mirror to admire my new piercing. My sister was next she was nervous and
asked “does it hurt, im scared” she had already gotten it before and all i could say is “whitney, you went through birth! it wont hurt that bad” and then she decided she was ready and picked out a black jeweled bar and got
hers done then went out to the waiting area to show our mom and paid and tipped him $10 for the both of us and said our thank yous and was on our way.I couldn’t even feel it at all!
I was so overjoyed because i had wanted it for so long and had finally gotten it.When we got home i did a salt soak
for 30 minutes and used one of those Pyrex dishes and laid down on my bed and chilled. After that i wanted to paint
my nails and had felt a burning feeling in my stomach and had remembered my piercing and had lifted my shirt and noticed there was a little bit of blood so i cleaned it with a little soap an!
d went t
o try and get some
sleep. Next morning i woke up and it was sore and so i went to clean it and had to go babysit my nephew which when i picked him up he kept rubbing up against it with his leg and it felt like someone had taken a torch to my belly button,but its doing fine.I am absolutely in love with my
new piercing and definitely recommend 4FORTY4 to people 16 and older even though i am 14 they only do other piercings on 16 year olds they have two locations but i went to the one on 4th ave where they only have zack as the
piercer and he is really good at freehanding piercings!
If your iffy about getting it done i would totally do it its worth it!
its been a year exactly as of today! and i couldnt be happier with it. This piercing definetly did start my love of piercings, as of today i have double monroes(also known as angel bites,angel kisses) my septum, my nostril, my tongue, 1/2″ gauges, and my pretty navel 🙂

Thru the skin…

By Krissi.

On the day of March 6, 2010 i got my belly button pierced.

I’ve wanted it for years and finally had the guts to ask my mom (btw I’m 15 yrs old). Not to mention I’m a bit terrified of I kinda figured i would have to go through some pain to get what i want. Like my mom always says it hurts to be beautiful. When my mom gave me her “approval” i started searching for local tattoo and piercing parlors in the area.

I ended up deciding to go to a place called Wonderland Tattoos in St. Clair Shores. The service was great and the place was clean.! And it was only 25 bills outta my pocket. My piercer was a guy named Robert. He was absolutely great in taking care of me that day. I just couldn’t stop smiling. i just kept thinking in my head that i was getting what i wanted all along. Rob had my mom and I sign some papers b/c i’m under age and he talked to me about how to clean my piercing, what to clean it with, how often to clean it, etc. and all that other good stuff.

I was soooo excitd until he took me to a room and told me to lie down on the table. Then the smile just disappeared. You would have thought someone had just brought me some bad news. That’s when he starting telling me not to make any sudden moves and to take 3 deep breaths. When i took my breaths i told him i was ready in a shivery whisper..(haha! i was so scared. wish someone recorded it so i can laugh at how big of a punk i was!) As soon as he had the needle about 5 inches away from my belly i thought i was going to cry like a big baby.

I yelled and told my mom to come and hold my hand but she just sat there and laughed like it was a joke. After a couple of seconds it was then that i realized Rob was done. I barely felt the needle go through. All that complaining and whining for nothing. It was just a itsy bitsy teeny weeny pinch. No pain at all.!
Bring out the cute short cropped belly tops.!

Now I’m just ready for more piercings and tattoos to come in the future…..sweet 16 coming up 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Third Time’s a Charm!

By Esmeralda, from Texas.

Ever since I was 16 I have wanted to have my belly button pierced! But of course my parents were strictly against it! My mom always kept telling me that until I was 18 I could do whatever I wanted with my body. So once I turned 18 the first thing I did was get my belly button pierced!

The first time I got my belly button pierced everything was going great with the healing except that I had not done all of my research on the healing process and always kept touching the piercing and moving it around. Bad idea! Eventually the piercing start to reject and the skin around the jewelry was starting to thin out so I took it out. I was so upset cuz I was very excited about my piercing.

A couple of months after that I decided to get my belly button re-pierced once again. Soon afterwards my boyfriend bought me a really cute belly ring that I couldn’t resist and had to put it on! My piercing still had not healed when I switched out the belly ring to the cute one and I also went to a water park, which id not help my piercing. Once again my piercing started to reject. And I had to take it out.

Now that its been almost a year since I had my last piercing I finally decided to give it one last try! I am currently in college and went to the piercing studio around here that everyone goes to. My boyfriend and I went one Friday afternoon and my piercer was very nice! Her name was Michelle and she explained the whole process to me and showed me all of the equipment. This third time that I got my belly button pierced hurt a lot! The first 2 times it did not hurt at all….but this time since it was all scar tissue it hurt a lot! But right after she put in the belly ring it didn’t hurt as much. The area was red for the first 2 days but it quickly went away.

I’ve had the piercing for only a week and so far everything seems to be going great! I don’t touch it and wash it twice a week with antibacterial soap. I am definitely not doing the same mistakes I did the last two times! And hopefully it heals quickly!

my belly button piercing!

By Katie from Michigan.

i got my belly button pierced about two months ago. what inspired me to get my belly button done was losing weight.

i always wanted to get it done but i am really body conscious. so i saved my money up and after i lost 15 pounds i went and got it done! i did need my parents permission,plus Birth Certificate, and ID. It was two for Tuesdays so my mom got hers done too.i guess you could say it was a win/win lol.

i went to Gun Lake Tattoos, i’ve been their before when i got my lip done last year. i love going their and i wouldn’t go anywhere else! hes a nice guy and explains EVERYTHING! and answers all your questions. i know when i got my lip done it didn’t hurt at ALL but when i went to get my belly done….it was a whole different story lol…i had to lay down on this bed thing and i watched while he got everything ready, he asked me if i wanted him to count or just quickly do it. i was so scared and nervous that i was just do it. I would say the clamp hurt less then the needle! i actually yeled “HOLY S&*%#!” LOL. but it was quick and the guy knew what he was doing.

he also said belly button piercings was the most popular their. after all that pain, me and my mom went to the dollar store and got anti bacterial soap and sea salt. The healing process was quick i know i was risking an infection but i changed my belly button at 3 weeks.. it didn’t hurt at all and its still doing good! i put in a simple pink checkered acrylic belly button ring i got from where i win all my body jewelry from. Ive talked to people about belly button piercings and they hate them and say i wish i never got mine done! but i don’t know whats so bad about them. i LOVE mine! and im soo soo glad i got mine done! =]

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