Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips and The Best Products

Belly Piercing aftercare tips

Follow these tips and your navel will heal quickly!

Proper belly button piercing aftercare is needed to heal your “brand new” navel piercing. The faster your new piercing heals, the sooner you can try new belly rings!

There are three stages in the healing process:

Stage One: The Inflammatory Stage. Your new piercing is an open wound. Bleeding, swelling and tenderness are all expected.

Stage Two: The Growth phase. This can last several months when you get a Belly Piercing. In this phase, your body reacts to heal the wound. ‘Crusties’ are common to this phase. Crusties are formed when some discharge from your new piercing dries and forms a crust on your jewelry. Never pick at crusties with dirty fingernails. During phase two, your body seals the channel of the piercing. Your piercing is considered healed at the end of this phase but may still be quite tender and will still need care.

Stage Three: The Maturation Phase. The channel of the piercing matures and becomes scar tissue. You may find that your piercing moves from stage two to three and back again many times before it heals fully. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find yourself back at square one.

As discussed, crusties, formed by a clear discharge from your piercing, are common. But do not confuse this clear discharge with pus, which is a thick, colored(yellowish-white) and foul-smelling substance. Pus is often indicative of infection.

One other normal piercing secretion is called sebum. This is often mistaken for pus but is recognizable by the fact that it is more solid, or cheese-like. It too, is foul-smelling. It is naturally produced by the body and is not a sign of infection.

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I did my own belly?!?!

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Lots of people these days are getting piercings some normal and some unique i am one of thoes people tht does them themselves rather than paying to get them done.

I wanted to try to pierce my belly so i got out a curved sowing needle and sterilized it then i got the belly ring i purchased earlier and sterilized tht too then i got a permanent marker and figured out where the hole would begin and end up then i got out some ice and nummed the sopt for awile then pushed the needle all the way through and left it in for abt a couple of hrs.

Then i took the needle out and pushed the belly ring in and after that i sterilized it and put tape on the piercing so it wouldnt rip off in my sleep and did it every night for about 4 weeks untill it healed then in abt 7 weeks i changed it to a dangly ring making shure to sterilize every ring tht i used into my belly it can be a painful piercing and if u have thick skin lyk me it will be a difficult piercing to do u have to beable to take pain when doing this pircing or it will hurt u and only use surgical stainless steal stanless steal or the new PFFTE piercings or it will get infected!

Finally Got It!!!

By Elaine, from Summerville, U.S.

So for like two years now I have been wanting a belly ring.

In 8 th grade I wanted a belly ring and to get my ears pierced again. My mom took me to get my ears pierced. But she said no to the belly ring. So I let it go in 9th grade I really stared to want one be cuz we moved to South Carolina and alot of girls have them. But I told my self I was going to put it off be cuz I wanted to get into shape.

So once again I put it off. So in the summer of 09 I was going to asking again but I had gained a little weight cuz of the good summer cooking. So around X – mas I wrote on my list that I had wanted a belly ring. So when x -mas came around I still didn’t get it. So I tried for my birthday. My birthday is the day right after x -mas. But my mom still said no.

So I found this website. I looked up alot of information. Like healing time, places to go, jewlery, price, ect. Sent it to my parents. They looked at it and still said no. So I went back to this website
and started to read some stories. One stoy the girl sent alot of videos of people getting pierced with the title of each one saying “I refuse to give up.” So I did the same and a little more. I sent the videos and pics of people that had alot of piercings. And under those pictures I wrote ” I dont want this much i just want a belly ring,” still my parents said no.

So I was really sad. A few days later my auntie called me and Told me that she would take me. So I sent the weekend over her house and the next day she took me to get pierced. The place was VERY CLEAN. It didn’t cost that much. I got pierced with a Bioplast, cuz I didn’t want an infection. And that night my auntie told my mom what she let me do.

And she told my mom to stop acting like she never wanted anything like that. She sent me home with a picture of my mom. She had 16 piercings on her face and mouth!!

It was tottally worth it!

By Emzy, from England.

So I was sitting at home one day looking on Google and deciding what piercing I want. I’ve already got my ears pierced, so this would be the 2nd time getting a piercing. I went to town with my friend one day and we saw a piercing place, and asked how old we had to be to get a belly button piercing. They said 16 to come alone, or any age and come with a parent. So I went home and asked my Mom if I could get a belly piercing, but of course, she said no. I said “Why?” she said “Because what if it gets infected or anything like that? You’re only 13!” I said “It could be part of my Christmas pressent, please?” So in the end, she said yes.

A couple of weeks later, my friend who I went to town with wanted it done too. We both went together with my Mom. When we got to the piercing place, my Mom had to fill out a few forms for us both. We pretended we were sisters. On the door, there was a sign.. it said, “No weenies aloud!” …I got quite scared.

When we both went into the room, the piercer calledKate said “Who’s going first?” Me and my friend had already decided that I was going to go first. There were 3 choices of belly bars, but they were all the same. A pink one, a blue one and a silver one. My friend Hayley wanted the blue one, so I got the pink one.

She marked with a pen where she was going to stick the needle through and told me to look at it in the mirror, so I did. She told me to lay down on the chair, and I was looking at the ceiling. My Mom doesnt like body piercings so she was just waiting outside. Hayley was stood over me watching, asking the piercer questions like ‘DOES IT HURT? HOW DOES IT WORK? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE DONE?’ the piercer couldnt pierce my belly button untill Hayley stops speaking, or the piercer would get distracted. Hayley shuts up, and the piecer puts the clamp on my belly button. I have quite a high pain tolerance… she puts the needle through, and I screamed. It felt like I got shot. Yes it hurt very much. So when I stood up, I looked in the mirror. I l!
oved it.
But then seconds later, I started to feel dizzy and it felt like I was going to faint.

It was Hayleys turn. She marked it with a pen and told Hayley to lie down. Hayley gets the giggles alot, and when she starts giggling, she cannot stop. She started to giggle, and laugh, and cry with laughter. About 10 minutes of laughing, she stopped. The piercer was very patient, which was good. The piercer put the clamp on Hayley, and Hayley started to laugh again. The piercer took the clamp off, and said “Please be quiet, because I’m losing my patience”, that made Hayley shut up. She pierced it, and it was all done.

The piercer gave both of us instructions for looking after our new piercing. About a month later, mine was fine and looked very pretty. Hayleys looked very red and hers was itching alot.

It was tottally worth it! Picture above, no she did not pierce my belly button slanted. The belly bar is just slanted there, and the camera angle is slanted also.

Thanks for reading 😀