You Got Pierced in WHAT Country?!

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Allie Pisarro from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly button piercing story

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“Santy! Let’s get piercings together!!” I said to my fiancé, Santiago, the day after coming back from the beaches of Ecuador. We had met three Canadian friends there who all got impromptu piercings, and it made me want to get one, too!

My piercing story may get a few wide eyes from American professional piercers since it’s a little adventurous, but I can promise that I’ve only chosen sterile, safe environments to get my piercings… even if they were overseas. Bear with me, as it may get a little long…. 😉

I had always secretly wanted a belly ring. Piercings were always fun to me, but even though I desired to have that pretty silver jewelry in my belly that would shine in the sun at the beach, I also always told myself that it was off limits. Why? Because I never thought I was the appropriate weight for them ❗ Even though I was never obese, I always felt “fat” and not good enough to wear a bikini (not just from my own mind, but I was also told the same by others). I stopped wearing bikinis at the age of 13 and started wearing tankinis (two pieces that cover the belly area). At that age I also became semi-anorexic, allowing myself to eat very little. That only lasted a year, and I was back to eating junk again! 😀

Years passed, and the thought of a belly piercing would cross my mind at times. I started to tell myself that I could get a belly ring if I “became skinny”. It became my new goal, but it was never achieved. I was never the weight or the look that I wanted to be, so I gave up on the idea 🙁

I began to get other piercings. My nose piercing was the first piercing adventure that I had as an adult. While on a mission trip in Africa with my college freshman year, I, with two other girls, decided to spontaneously get my nose pierced. The nurse (our leader) found a clean, sterile place, and we did it! I was so hyped that I got my second ear piercing, as well! This lead me to get my ears pierced another five times and then eventually got my lip pierced a year later.

Again, the idea of a belly ring was still off limits for me! But one day while I was living in Ecuador with my fiancé (who is Ecuadorian), I couldn’t get it off my mind. My fiancé, who doesn’t have any piercings, had mentioned that he wanted to get an industrial; he saw a sword industrial that he really wanted.

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