By Nicole, Victoria, Australia

Belly Button Piercing Experience

I always wanted to get my belly pierced. I thought it was sexy and so feminine. But my parents thought otherwise. Mum tried to convince me that it look yucky, and so unlady like. But she was barking the wrong tree. She didn’t even feel that way, she just didn’t want me to do anything like that until I was 18! 👿

Well, on November of my 16th year my friend took me to where she got hers done. We rocked up and the guy piercing my belly was really friendly, and he kept making jokes. I didn’t realize what he was doing, and then he just sat back and said – done!

It was painless, and easy. He told me for two weeks I had to damp the ring with disinfectant. [which I did, but I wasn’t meant to take it out for another two months, which I didn’t, as soon as the two weeks was over I took it out and disinfected the whole the ring and then put it on again… out of all my friends, mine is the only on that hadn’t gotten infected.] ❗

It was a weird sensation… every step I took felt like it moved the piercing. Sleeping with it was the hard bit. I had to get used to sleeping on my side. I hated it. That had to be the worst experience of the whole thing, finding a different comfortable sleeping position or pain. 🙁

The next day I went to Sydney for a week, no parents. He he made it easier to hide it from them for a little while.
Considering my parents didn’t know about my rebellious act, about a month went by and my parents wanted to go swimming. I normally don’t cover my upper body, so it would have been weird if I did this time. So I had to explain it to them that I did something that they advised against. Funny thing is that my parents were more upset at the fact that I didn’t tell them earlier.

Well till this day, it has not become infect though it did bleed once or twice. But only because my brothers forgot that I had a piercing. And it’s the sexiest artificial thing I have on my body. Next year…. A tattoo [parents are going to kill me] 😀 and two more ear piercings. I just like to live the way I want and look the way I want! 😉