It finally worked

By Renee from Kenesaw, U.S.A.

Hey!!! the names Renee’. Ive had my belly button pierced three times. The first time it was rejected. The second time it was snagged.. And this time, so far it looks good.

This is the longest its ever lasted. its been a week and its healing already. i snagged it lastnight but, but im keeping it clean so it should heal correctly. The more i got it repierced the more it hurted. Before i got it pierced the piercer asked me did i want the bottom done. I thought it would look wierd so i said no.

After the second one migrated out, there was this ugly dark brown scar left. I was thinking about getting the bottom pierced now, so i was surfing the internet looking for pics with people who have their bottom belly button pierced. But i thought id give the top one more chance, and like i said earlier so far so good. I mean the more you take care of it the better it will heal. Healing any piercing can be as easy or hard as you make it. If you stick to proper aftercare and cleaning, you should have minimalproblems with just about any piercing.

The best method for healing piercings is to soak them 3-4 times daily in a Sea Salt water solution (Since you body contains salt water, sea salt water soaks will not be harsh to your body like man made chemical cleansers can be.)

Upon leaving our studio, you should stop by your local grocer and/or supermarket and purchase a package of sea salt (otherwise referred to as no-iodized salt or kosher salt) and a gallon of distilled water

~Renee’ Cyrus!!!!

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare – What you should know

Belly Button Piercing AftercareWhen you get a belly button piercing, it is essential that you look after it properly to prevent it from becoming infected. This is especially the case just after you have had it done. Ideally the person who performed the piercing should already have advised you on how to look after your piercing now that it has been done. However, if not then here you will find out some of the best tips to help you.

The Best Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips

The last thing you need after you have had your belly button pierced is to develop an infection. It is extremely unpleasant and it can be really painful too. To avoid this you should follow these tips:

  •  Use mild antibacterial soap each day
  •  Use a salt solution on the piercing daily
  •   Keep the belly ring clean

If you follow the above belly button piercing aftercare tips then your piercing will heal properly and you will avoid infection.

By using a mild antibacterial soap on your piercing every day, it will gently cleanse the area and keep it protected from infections. For best results apply a little of the soap whilst you are in the shower. Leave it for a while and then wash it off. If you do this each day it will really help.

Using a salt solution may sound a little uncomfortable but it can really help you to keep the area clean. It is so simple to create your own solution by mixing a gallon of boiled water to 4 teaspoons of non iodized sea salt. Just soak a little cotton wool in the solution and then hold it over your piercing for a few minutes each day. Again this will keep it free from any infection.

Finally soaking your belly ring in a saline solution once the piercing has healed is a good way to keep the piercing clean. However you should not do this until you are sure that the piercing is actually healed as otherwise it could damage the skin.

Overall keeping your piercing clean and giving it time to heal is essential if you want to enjoy the piercing. If you were to develop an infection then you would have gone through the piercing for nothing and you would suffer quite badly from it too.