By Lee Ann from Summerton
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i am 16 years old and my parents told me i have to wait till i was 18 to get my belly pierced. they told me over and over again until i got to my breaking point and i did.

i was chicken at first bc i didn’t want it to hurt and i normally do piercings when im pissed off (mainly my ears and sisters and there bf’s ears) so i some what set my bf up for a fight which ended up with us breaking up and i got soo mad that i pierced it all the way thru the top and bottom part of my bellybutton.

i didnt noticed at firsted bc i was looking for my belly ring and when i looked down i saw the blood running down the bottom part of my navel i kinda freaked out in a panic attack and ended up blacking out.

when i woke up i saw it and i was thinking to my self huh thats cute too but i didnt have a double navel ring so the bottom closed up but i still got my top piercing done and still hiding it and wondering how long can i go before they notice bc we’re taking a trip too hawaii and i have no retiner for it lol…. wish me look!!!! <3

The Navel Piercing

navel piercing

The torso is a large part of the body but very little of it can be pierced safely – the most popular areas being the belly button and the nipples. More extreme piercings can be done on the back but won’t be discussed here.

The Belly Button (Navel) Piercing:

Healing  Time: 6-9 months.

Initial Jewelry: Curved barbell or J-curve.

Gauge: Minimum 14 gauge, sometimes 12 and normal maximum is 10 gauge.

Size: Curved barbell from 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

Most people are extremely surprised at the healing time for belly piercing – it takes longer to heal than any other piercing. The navel piercing is slow to heal due to the lack of blood supply in this region of the body. This extended healing time means that these piercing can be troublesome. They might seem healed but often are not. Home piercing, incorrect cleaning of the wound (improper piercing aftercare), poor quality jewelry, changing the jewelry too soon and the lack of education on piercing are all contributory factors in the healing process.

The most common place to get your belly pierced is through the fold of tissue at the top of the navel – your piercer will assess your navel to make sure it’s suitable and make sure you choose the right jewelry. Not all belly buttons are suitable for piercings – if your navel area is flat, and you don’t have a lip, and you skin is tough you should not pierce your belly button.

The same is true for navel jewelry – not all jewelry is suitable. The sizes and gauges of jewelry are at the top of this post. Don’t be tempted to choose jewelry that’s too skinny. Migration and rejection of the jewelry are more common with  skinny belly rings, especially if the piercing placement is not perfect. I get many mails and comments from girls complaining that their piercer has pierced too little skin (put it too close to the surface) and are afraid as soon as it’s touched it will break the skin. Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes and is made easier by choosing jewelry that’s too skinny.



Personalized Belly Rings

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When parents find out

By Kalie from Miramar.

I have been asking my parents for the longest to have permission to get my navel pierced, they kept telling me no and to wait until i was 18, of course i didnt want to wait, i wanted it done now !

So i knew a friend who knows a piercer at a shop called (My tattoo shop). I asked him if he could do it without asking for parent permission, it took a lot of begging but he did it =).

A few months later their was a family pool party (i forgot my parents didnt know) i got into the pool and all my cousins we asking me when i got it, did it hurt, which caught my parents attention & i got caught, luckly i wasent in so much trouble, but i love my navel piercing =)

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at home belly piercing!(:

By Brooke, from Maryland.

i’ve wanted my belly button pierced for as long as i can remember now.
i asked my mom if she would take me to get it done, but she instantly said no, i was too young! i’m fifteen, by the way.
i began to protest but it didn’t help at all:(
i got really upset but i wasn’t going to let her tell me what to do.
i decided to pierce it myself.
i went online to read how to do it the correct way, and even watched some professional videos on youtube.

the videos were so helpful, i strongly suggest watching them if you ear going to pierce your own belly button.
i also ordered a professional piercing needle from . it was only about about two dollars, and well worth it!
after i was throughly prepared, i gathered my tools.
-14g hollow piercing needle
-rubbing alcohol
-belly ring

1) i marked the spot where i wanted the piercing and put on gloves
2) i put alchohol all over the area to prevent infection
3) i started at the botton and worked my way upwards so that i could easil but the belly ring in.
4) at first i went slow but then i just pushed it through
5) after the needle was completly in, i put the belly button ring through the bottom of the needle and began to pull it all the way out of the top.
this was the most painful part for me.
6) i put the top ball on and cleaned it more with alcohol

it took about one month to heal, and it hurt really bad through the healing process.
i almost decided to take it out but i’m glad that i didn’t.
i used non iodine sea salt to clean it everyday.
my parents still don’t know about it, i’m trying to build up my courage to tell them:P
oh, and if you decide to pierce your own belly button, please make sure you use a clamp! that was a mistake that i made and mine is kind of crooked.
but other than that, it turned out great!

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Painful Piericing

By Cristin Sierra, Indiana.

I decided that I wanted to get my belly button pierced when I was 16 years old.

But my mom did not want me to get it done. She told me that if I still wanted it when I was 18 and could pay for it myself and did not need her permission then I could go and have it done.

I waited until four months be for my 19th birthday be for having my belly button done. I went to Tommy’s tattoos, a small but popular tattoo parlor in the town that I live in. I didn’t tell anyone I was getting it pierced that day; I just took my best friend Heather for support and went.

When I got to the parlor I had every intention of having a professional do my piercing. I didn’t even know that novices would be training at Tommy’s. But when I got out of my car I was met by a girl that was training to be a tattoo artist and piercer. She told me about how many belly button piercing she had done, and that if I allowed her to pierce my belly button I would only have to pay the price of the belly ring, and that a trainedand licensed tattoo artist would watch the procedure and make sure that everything was done correctly. Not knowing much about piercing I foolishly agreed to allow her to pierce my belly button.

She was very thorough in cleaning the needle, forceps, and my belly button. I swear she took at least half an hour to open and clean everything; but at least I knew that I had a fresh and clean needle. When it was finally time to lie down on the table and have my belly button pierced I was so nerves, I was a bundle of nerves. Heather held my hand and I think I squeezed hers to tight. After being asked to count to three and breath through my mouth the needle went through my navel, and scraped the skin just above my belly button, leaving a small scar. Instead of pulling the needle all the way though my belly button, she pulled it back out the way it had come, so that when she put the belly ring in it could not fit through the top hole. She had to pull the belly ring out and then the guy took over, re clamping my belly
button and sticking the needle through the top hole and pulling it out the bottom.

After that the belly ring went in fine, until she dropped the ball in my belly button, causing her to have to lift the belly ring up while still in my navel to retrieve the ball. By then I was in a lot of pain and just ready to leave with or with or the belly button piercing. But they got the ball on the belly ring, and I have now had my belly button pierced for a year. I love it and am so happy that I had it done; I just wish that I had paid the extra money and had the licensed professional pierce my belly button form the beginning, rather then allowing a novice to do my procedure. I guess you live and you learn.

Spontaneous and Fun!

By Marly, Bronx, New York.


Ok, so I wanted to get my belly pierced since I was about 14.

 Of course, my mother wasn’t a very big fan of body piercings unless it’s the standard hole in the ear, which I got when I was 3 months old because it’s very common for my family . Anyway, I was sort of determined to get it one day regardless, I just didn’t know when or if I was really up for it. I went away to college and it only occurred to me a couple of times but I was too scared about her reaction so I never really did it (I had a great chance though!)

 So, sometime around sophomore year, which I was 19 at the time, me and a friend decided to play a prank on our mothers just to see if it would be ok. We both called our mothers and said, “Hey mom, so I’m at the mall with my friend and I just wanted to let you know what I just did”, she says, “Why do you say that? You make it sound like you did something weird”, so I said, “Umm, well, me and my friend just pierced our bellys!”, her reaction….”WTF is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Are you crazy? You better yank that crap off”. Meanwhile, I had my phone on speaker and my friend and I are staring at each other laughing and trying to contain ourselves from letting her notice, so I said, “Mom, you saif after I turn 18 I could do whatever I wanted with my body, so that’s what I did”, she says, “Yes but not to be reckless like that, now what are you gonna do?”. That’s when of course I told her the truth and that it was only a prank. She relaxed a little but she didn’t calm down completely until the next day.

 Sooooo, well I still wanted it badly. The year later when I was turning 20, one of my very close friends from home came over to celebrate and when we were changing to go to a party, I noticed that she had hers and I was sooo jealous. I asked her when did she get it done and she told me when she was 17 (I had years without seeing her or talking much). I was like NO WAY! It made want to get it so much more. So I thought about it even more. The bad thing is I never really did much research about piercings or anything, so I was quite naive to a lot of stuff, like picking a place or the fact that you could take your own ring for them to use. All I knew is that one time when I was 16 I walked into many tattoos and piercing studios and I was determined that if I ever got it done, I would get it there.

 So actually, just last month on July 2nd, a day before my 21st birthday on the spur of the moment, I told my boss I had to leave early and went to the studio. I was soooo nervous and scared. I was all alone with nobody for support so that was even worse. The lady told me to just relax and that it won’t hurt much at all. So there I sit, frantic and cursing at myself for actually being there. She marks the spot and I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to say about it, like “Umm no it’s all wrong”, so I just agreed to where she placed the dark spot and sat, more nervous. Then I feel, and I shut my eyes so hard that I start seeing little stars and then she says “Ok I’m all done”. I look and she’s just screwing the top ball into the ring. I was shocked at how fast that was! It wasn’t as painful as I thought honestly, but then again I’m quite numb to pain sometimes and I’m not even sure why. So, I ask her all the questions because apparently if I didn’t, she wouldn’t have given me any information about how to properly clean it or take care of it.

 She gave me a bottle of Bactine and told me to use it 3 times a day with antibacterial soap, she recommended Dial, and that if I wished I could get the sea salt spray and spray it about 3 times a day too. But that was all.

I was soooo excited about my new piercing and the next day being the big day, I was going crazy! I didn’t tell my mother because she would go crazy, so I had to be careful around her. The next day, my birthday comes, and of course I bought such a beautiful dress, with one little problem, it was a little too long. Not that I wanted it extremely short, but c’mon the dress passed my knees and it was a slim fitting dress, so I wanted shorter. My mother knows how to tailor clothes so she sees that I’m dissatisfied and decides that she’ll fix it. I agree but then she says take the dress off, I’m trying to see if she’ll leave the room and my friend was in my room too and I’m staring at her like OMG what to do, she says come lets go to the bathroom real quick and I’m like ok so I take it off there and wrap myself with a towel and I just give the dress to my mother. Honestly, that was sooo scary because my mother would have probably pulled the ring out! LOL.

 Anyway, so the first few days, everything was great. No pain, nothing, it looks perfect. Then, complications begin. I started to do more research (of course quite late) and I wasn’t sure how to properly clean it. So many people clean it so differently. It started getting really dark around the pierce and I start freaking out. I went to another studio and this guy told me Bactine is bad because of chemicals and that all I need to do is clean it with Dial soap 3 times a day and my body will heal it itself. Anyway, I still didn’t see any improvements, instead it just got darker and I thought I was a victim of an infection. So I went back to the studio where I got it and the lady told me it wasn’t infected because if it was I would be bleeding, oozing with pus and the pain would be inbearable. She said it looked irritated probably from clothing or touching it. She recommended me to put aspirin around the piercing for 15 days and that should take away the irritation and that once it heals maybe I should change the ring to a different material such as gold (being that my skin is so sensitive). Even if I wear sterling silver on my ears, they turn black and green the same day, and obviously that healed years ago.

 Sooo I did as I was told and now my piercing is in good condition. The only thing I am upset about is that my piercing is deep, which is why I said I wish I would have known about taking a ring for them to use. My length is 1/2″ which is more difficult to find since the standard length !
 seems to be 3/8″. I’m still going through the healing process since I only have 5 weeks with it, but it is still exciting to look at rings that I would like to wear and reading stories as such.