My sketchy belly button piercing

By Grant, Maplewood, New Jersey, United States

Belly Piercing story

First off, I am a boy, my name’s Grant, and I have wanted a belly button piercing ever since the summer of 2008.

But, ever since two months ago, I’ve really started seriously wanting one. You’d think my parents would be cool with it because they are like creative laid-back artists; but they’re not. So, my mom said that if I improved my posture (I’m a sloucher) she would consider taking me to get one. But, after I improved my posture for a month and a half she still didn’t let me get one.

So, I decided I would ask an acquaintance of mine who has many piercings and wants to be a piercer when she grows up to do it for me. So I called her so she could prepare and get all the materials. (Bactine, gloves, jewelry, needle, etc.) A few days later, before my lunch period which is during her gym class, I went outside of my school during school (at the risk of getting in trouble by the security guard) and she did the piercing for me.

The piercing wasn’t bad at all. At first she tried to use a clamp but my stomach is too flat so she just put some cleanser on my stomach, marked it where she was going to put it through, then put the needle through. She then had to put the jewelry in, which went well, but the ball for the jewelry was hard to put on and took ages to put on.

Then was the best part, after paying her a mere 20$ I went to go show off my piercing at lunch. I was very proud that I had gotten it. Now I clean it twice a day with dove soap and I take the best care of it possible to have a clean and healthy piercing. Good luck to everyone keeping yours clean or getting one. =)