A Bellydancer’s Delight

By Steph, Australia

Belly Button Piercing Story

So ever since I saw Britney’s Spears’ belly piercing, I was obsessed with getting one. My parents strongly disapproved of it, so I started trying the fake ones. They were really uncomfortable and didn’t give me that feminine, sexy look I wanted.

After turning 18 my parents said I was allowed to do what I liked but they still disapproved of a belly piercing. Which wasn’t cool because I would never do something against my parents will… 🙁

My fiance and I decided that we would both get piercings when we got married so I was pretty excited about that but still kind of bummed that my parents didn’t like it. We weren’t going to be married for a few years though so my fiance really wanted to get his cartilage pierced. I was getting really excited about the idea of getting my belly done especially because I’m a bellydancer and I wanted to decorate my tummy! 🙂

So at 20, I decided to talk to my parents again and told them I really wanted to get my belly button pierced but not against their will. They said they approved!! I guess they appreciated the consideration.

So I was getting it done that same weekend and my fiance was coming to get his cartilage done too. I was so nervous and researching like crazy. Prices, aftercare, piercing experiences, infection stories, belly ring types, the lot!

I was so scared, even though every person I asked said it didn’t hurt that bad at all. It was a whole different story on the Internet, many people said it killed! 😯

So somebody recommended me a place to get it done, but another friend had a bad experience there. I went anyway. It is a well known place and the prices are good.

I chose my belly bar, I was so excited! She marked the place and asked me what I thought, then I layed back. I decided not to look. She asked me to take a deep breath and she pierced OW! “The worst part is over”. I was relieved, YAY! Until, she put the jewellery in. I couldn’t lie still, it was so painful.

I got up and looked at it in the mirror. I LOVED IT! The pain was so worth it. :lol:  She just told me not to touch it or twist it and spray it twice a day.

Unfortunately my fiance didn’t have the greatest piercing experience but he’s not fussed. Now 6 weeks later, I love how my belly rolls look with a glittering jem in my belly button. It isn’t healed yet but I’m starting to touch it a little. I haven’t had any issues with it and I can’t wait to change the jewellery.

And to a bellydancer’s delight, my piercing dream came true! 😉