My green belly ring!

By RaE, FL

Belly piercing story

I wanted my belly button pierced ever since I first heard of it but I wasn’t really serious about doing it I just wanted one too. I moved to a state that doesn’t have many good piercing places so I waited til I was on vacation to get it done.

I found a good place that a lot of people had been to that said right on their own website that they will numb your skin first if you ask them. After seeing that I was definately going to get it done and I was sooo excited for over a month waiting to go on vacation to get it finally done!!

We get there and the guy says no we don’t do that here I can’t numb it….I told him what the website with his name on it said and he didn’t have anything to say…

I was really pissed and freaking out and changing my mind!! But I went through with it anyways after walking around all nervous for a few minutes. I closed my eyes the whole time and had my mom cover them too just to make sure lol.

The clamps didn’t hurt at all but the needle did…it was only like 5 seconds of pain though. I was afraid to sit up and move around because I thought it would hurt but when I finally sat up I couldn’t feel a thing at all anymore!

I was so afraid that sitting in the car with my stomach bent right over my piercing would hurt too but I still didn’t feel a thing! I was so amazed and so happy! Some stupid girl was trying to tell me that it would puss and bleed soon so I told her that it only happens when it get infected and it hasn’t happened to me at all.

I’ve only had it done for 2 weeks but it feels like I’ve had it forever! I only wash it with soap when I’m in the shower and I’m thinking about not even doing that anymore because my skin is really sensitive to the soap it’s just too harsh and it’s drying out my skin and causing the piercing to be red all the time and to be kind of sore.

So I stopped using the soap so much and it’s way better it actually looks like it’s healing now that I only do the sea salt s! oaks twi ce a day.

I was also VERY happy that they had my favorite color belly gem to get pierced with! I saw the same exact one online and was praying they would have it at the shop and they did yay!!!

My Belly Piercing :]

By Hayley Kerr, Australia, NSW, Wingham

Belly Piercing story

Well, ever since i can remember, i’ve always wanted my bellybutton pierced. I loved the look of it. Anyway, i begged my parents for years, but the answer was always no, which sucked. They always came back with the same defence “you’re too young” So i left it for a while.

Now that i’m 13, a few more of my friends had theirs done, and their stories just made me want to get mine done even more! The place i wanted it done at, one day had half price on belly piercings ($30) and i begged, but still the answer was “no”

A few months after that, my friend asked if i wanted to get ti done with her, i was thrilled. I asked my mum, and surprisingly she said yes! I was so excited. We rang up and booked an appointment. The day came around very quickly and that morning, my friend rang up and said she couldnt get hers done. Looks like i was on my own. Mum was a bit worried i would chicken out, but i kept reassuring her i wouldnt.

That morning we went to the chemist and bought some numbing cream. I applied to the navel area and waited half an hour for it to numb. We arrived at the place, which might i add was the cleanest place in the area. We walked in, and by then i was really really scared, but also excited at the same time. The lady was really really nice. She gave me a form that i had to fill out and sign. And then she bought out all the bars that i could choose from. They were all gorgeous, but i chose a pink one, i couldn’t wait for it to be in my belly.

I sat down and waited for a little while, i was so scared that i was now shaking haha. She took me through to a little room and it all looked soo clean which helped my nerves a little, but not much LOL. The lady that was doing it was really nice and i asked some questions, and she gave me answers. She told me she had hers done, and it was pain she definately would go through again. Which helped. She then got an alcohol wipe, and wiped it over my whole belly, so much for the numb cream, hahaha. Mum thought that i definately chicken out, but i said i had come to far to chicken out now.

After that, she told me to stand up really straight so she could mark it, she rubbed the mark out a few times, and then she finally got it straight. She then told me to lie down on a really comfy bed thing, and then she got all the things ready. By then my heart was beating so fast! She told my mum that she could hold my hand if she liked, so i did. She talked me through the whole process as she was doing it which was heaps good. She clamped it, which felt weird, but definately didn’t hurt. And then without even telling me, she put the needle through, i squeezed my mum’s hand so tight, but surprisingly, it was over in about 2-3 seconds. I felt a bit silly for being so scared.

She then had to weave the belly bar through my belly. It was a bit of tugging and stuff, but i wouldnt say it hurt. She then told me that i could sit up, and i couldn’t believe that it was over that quick. I looked down at my belly, and fell in love, i had my belly button pierced! I was so happy. The bar looked gorgeous. She applied betadine to the area and put a patch over it, which i had to wear just for that day. It stung the tiniest bit as i got up and took the first few steps, but not much. She then gave me a bottle of betadine to take home which only costed $2. All in all the whole thing costed $82, but it was so worth it. She gave me a piece of paper which ahd all the things i needed to take care of it. I also needed to apply dettol handwash in the shower every night.

The first night i did everything that i was asked to do (betadine,dettol etc) and i never touched it. That night when i went to sleep i accidently rolled onto my belly. It was a little bit sore but not much. I’ve now had it done for about 4 weeks, and i’ve never forgot to put betadine or dettol on it. It’s going pretty good, it gets crusty from time to time, but nothing too serious. I’m glad that i got it done. I went out and bought 3 new gorgeous bars. I can probably change it soon, and i can’t wait until i can 🙂

Anyone who wants to get it done, seriously go for it, it’s so worth it, and prices may differ for different stores. I’m glad i went ahead with mine :]