Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips and The Best Products

Belly Piercing aftercare tips

Follow these tips and your navel will heal quickly!

Proper belly button piercing aftercare is needed to heal your “brand new” navel piercing. The faster your new piercing heals, the sooner you can try new belly rings!

There are three stages in the healing process:

Stage One: The Inflammatory Stage. Your new piercing is an open wound. Bleeding, swelling and tenderness are all expected.

Stage Two: The Growth phase. This can last several months when you get a Belly Piercing. In this phase, your body reacts to heal the wound. ‘Crusties’ are common to this phase. Crusties are formed when some discharge from your new piercing dries and forms a crust on your jewelry. Never pick at crusties with dirty fingernails. During phase two, your body seals the channel of the piercing. Your piercing is considered healed at the end of this phase but may still be quite tender and will still need care.

Stage Three: The Maturation Phase. The channel of the piercing matures and becomes scar tissue. You may find that your piercing moves from stage two to three and back again many times before it heals fully. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find yourself back at square one.

As discussed, crusties, formed by a clear discharge from your piercing, are common. But do not confuse this clear discharge with pus, which is a thick, colored(yellowish-white) and foul-smelling substance. Pus is often indicative of infection.

One other normal piercing secretion is called sebum. This is often mistaken for pus but is recognizable by the fact that it is more solid, or cheese-like. It too, is foul-smelling. It is naturally produced by the body and is not a sign of infection.

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Four Attempts – One Success

Four attempts to pierce belly button

Free Body Jewelry

Hey, my name is Alisha… Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted a belly ring… One day at my moms, I took an earring and figured if I can pierce my ears with them, I can pierce my belly…

So I tried for hours trying to poke a dull earring through my belly button! It finally worked … A tiny little hole poked through my skin with a dull earring in it 😆

I went to school the next day showing it off like it was something cute. A few nights later I went out to a party with a friend & I was sitting in the backseat with my bf…

I have no clue what we were doing… But the next day we woke up in my friends bed & the earring totally ripped out of my skin 😯

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That Weird Thing Called Confidence

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Morgan from Fairfield, Connecticut. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly Button piercing

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As a child, my father sexually assaulted me. It was traumatic and life changing, even though I never realized it. As a result of my trauma, I never felt good about myself. I have struggled with bulimia, self-harm, anorexia, and depression. My confidence has been non-existent for most of the seventeen years of life.

About two years ago, I met my best friend Cassandra. She really helped me come out of my shell. She taught me what real beauty is and slowly, my confidence started to grow. I am artist. My entire life is about creating. Creativity and design is in my blood. I realized that I loved any type of fashion and discovered my fascination with piercing and tattoos. I found my voice through piercings 😉

I grew up in a family where it was only acceptable to have earlobe piercings. And only one in each ear. But slowly I realized that I wanted my second and third holes. So I wrote my mom a five page letter on why I felt I needed them.

Piercings make me feel like an individual. Almost everyone has some, but they have different meanings for each person. Every time I added an earring, I felt good!

I began to pull my fantasy of a belly button piercing out from the dark, shut off part of my brain. Each day I would tell Cassandra how much I wanted it. I wanted it more and more each day. One day I bought 110 different types of piercing jewelry on Amazon. When it came in the mail, I felt this peace come over me. Piercings are beauty. They are individuality. Piercings make me who I am!

I convinced Cassandra to try to pierce my belly button with a sewing needle. Nope. Your stomach skin is tough! It would not go through, no matter how hard she tried. So we ordered forceps and piercing needles online. I was so excited that I could hardly contain my excitement as I waited for the supplies to come in the mail!

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Evie’s Belly Bar Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Evie Brown. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly piercing Story

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Well, I had been begging and begging my mum for ages to allow and come with me to have my belly done.

So one day I went into town with her and she asked why I had taken so much money. And I said “Well, I want to have my belly done. Remember?” So she uhhmed and ahhred all round town when she finally said “Right, if you want it done so much you can! I’m fed up of you going on and on!”

I was so excited ❗

But when I sat in the chair I was so nervous so I had a squishy ball to squeeze when the piercer froze it and put the needle threw a little screech came out 😡

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The Anxious Rebel

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Veronica from Bremerton, Washington. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

The Anxious Rebel's belly piercing

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So I’d just turned 18 and my rebellious phase had just begun! 😉 My mom never approved of piercings and she certainly didn’t like when I got my ears pierced the week after my birthday. My friend and I were browsing our local Fuego with a gift card I received from my birthday.

That is when we noticed their extensive belly button ring collection. We marveled at how many there were! That is when I got an idea. I’m not the skinniest person ever, so I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off. I asked one of the employees if she thought I was skinny enough to rock it. She told me that anyone can look good in one as long as they’re confident. After that, my mind was pretty much set. 😡

The piercing place would be Lucky Boys Tattoo Parlor. I’d watch my friend get ear piercings there all of the time and the place was completely sterile and a fun environment to be in. Even better, the place was having a special on navel piercings the day I decided to go in, so it was the perfect place. My first practically dragged me there because I was so nervous. She said that she’d get her belly button done with me ❗

I promised that I’d get mine done first so I couldn’t chicken out later. That was a good decision on my part 😉

My piercer was really nice but laughed at what a spaz I was. I’d never gotten a piercing outside of my ear and I was so scared that it was going to hurt. Even worse, I was afraid that it was going to get infected and I’d have to tell my mom; which would be a death sentence. As I was freaking out, the piercer went over breathing techniques to get me to calm down because at this point I was pretty much hyperventilating. I have to say that the most painful part was the clamp. I did not feel the needle go in, I felt the clamp move when he was putting the ring in, but nothing outside of that! 🙂

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It’s a Tummy Clincher

This belly piercing story was sent in by KyAzia from New Jersey!

Belly Button Piercing Story

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I went to a place in NYC and it was nice they were kind, talked me step by step.

Also they told me the risk and the baggage that comes with the belly piercing.

My sister and I waited for a bit to calm my nerves down and then we went in the back, she signed a few papers, then I was ready to go ❗

The guy marked then made me lay down. He used a clamp and took the needle and pushed it through!

It kind of felt like a pinch but it wasn’t worse than a bee sting. He pulled the jewelry through and I was ready to go.

In the end he read me the aftercare instructions and told me about the h2Ocean spray. And I was out the door! 😉

=========== * * * ===========

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First Belly Button Piercing Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Ashley from Trumbull, Connecticut ❗

First belly button piercing

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I was at this piecing shop with my bff, she was getting her belly button pierced.

So she asked me would I get one with her so I sad – “Yeah!” – but not realizing that this would be her second piercing.

She said it wouldn’t hurt.

It came down to me getting my piercing, she lied when he asked me did I work – I said “Yeah!” – like it wasn’t going to hurt, the man said that it might hurt more.

I bagged away so fast that my bff almost caught me in her arms – she said: “Just close your eyes…” so I did so.

When I opened them I saw him putting it in. It hurt so bad ‘cause my stomach muscles are so tight.

But it came out cute in the end! 😉

————– * * * ————–

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Spur of the Moment Belly Button Piercing

This navel piercing story was sent it by Shannan in PA. Thanks Shannan! 😉

Spur of the moment belly button piercing

Free Body Jewelry

I have wanted my navel piercing since I turned 15 and my best friend got hers done. I asked my mom every year for the last 4 years and she always said once you turn 18. 🙁

Well 2 years ago when I turned 18, I finally could get it myself, but I got very nervous and entering college I did not have the funds to support it.

Every time I had enough money I went back and forth with whether or not I was ready and courageous enough to finally have it done.

I loved the way it looked on everyone that I saw wearing one and always thought it was a cute piercing that wouldn’t inferior with the career at all in the future.

Finally, last year right before I went back to school for the fall, I went on a spur of the moment. I went to Fyre Body Art and they did an amazing job ❗

They were so clean and friendly and helped me with any questions that I had.

They even changed my ring for me free of charge the first time! I still have my piercing and am in love with it, the pain was minimal too, so I was so happy I put the money into getting it done! 😉

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Belly Piercing Time!

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Layna

Belly Piercing Time!

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My belly piercing experience was amazing! I decided to get my belly pierced because it’s a piercing that I’ve always wanted done.

I did need my parents’ permission though, and at the time I was 15, now I’m 16. I got it pierced August 3rd and once my parents signed, it became official.

I went to my hair salon that does hair, tanning, and piercings, and nails. My piercer was one of my dad’s high school friends and she is also my hair cutter. 😉 She was more than pleased to pierce my belly button.

She was so nice and reassuring about it all and it calmed my nerves. The process of my piercing was I laid back in a chair and my piercer tried the clamps, both were too big so she just did it by hand. When she did my navel, it didn’t hurt, just a slight punch. 🙂

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Can We Say Ouch!!!!

By Miya Watson, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Belly button piercing

I just got my belly button pierced a day ago. I had been wanting to get my belly button pierced for about 6 Months. When I first ask my mom if i could get it done she like freak out!!!! But i kept talking to her about it and came up with some good reason of why i should get it and plus my twin sister had already head her nose pierced.So she eventually gave in :-).

I really didnt care were i got it done at i just wanted it to be a safe place and i wanted to do it the right way (by having my mom sign and give me permission to get it done). When i walk in with my sister and my mom we sign the papers and went right in… a lady was there in the room and she just mark me and told me to lay down in the chair.

I WAS SO NERVOUS AND AT THIS POINT I KNEW THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK :-(. So i watched her do it and holded my sister hand but it went by so fast that the only thing i had time say was “OUCH” LOL. IT IS SO CUTE NOW IM HAPPY I GOT IT. 😀

It really didnt hurt it feels like getting pinch real hard for like 3 seconds its kinda sore in the lady told me to use saline contact solution n thats it and she told me not to touch it that much and pretty much just let it heal. Idk how long its gone take to heal but so far so good and im glad that i got it :-).