Bottom Belly Button Piercing Story

Belly Button Piercing Story

By Kaitlim, Naugatuck, CT US

So when i was 15 i got my first belly button piercing. i got it on the top and i loved it alot. but it never healed. so after about 9 months of having it it got rejected and migrated. this means that your body wants to get rid of the piercing and it pushes it out. so after a while my body pushed it all the way out and i was left with a nasty scar. after a few months i went to go get it redone.

I knew it might be possible for the rejection to happen again so i was ready to pierce the bottom if need be. and like i thought the piercer recomended getting the bottom done so the top doesnt reject itself again. so its been a few hours with my new bottom piercing and i love it more than the top.

It hurts a little more but its worth it. id suggest getting the bottom done instead of the top to anyone!