Belly Piercing Story – My Belly Piercing

By Paige, Doncaster
Belly Piercing Story

I’v kept begging my mum asking if i could get myn done but she keps saying No!!!! ur to young den couple of years later she promised and said you but it will hurt.

So on october 30th it were my 12 birthday we were going blue bannah to get it done but they said i have to be 13 and over so we went to bodyarts and my mum filled in a lil form and signed it. And i choose a bar a gold bar wit a red gem i wanted that one coz i got a short red top wit red gems as buttons from jane norman!

She put sum numbing spray on my bellybutton and then sat me down but first she marked my bellybutton with a pen and i said that fine and she sat my down and she put gloths on and used scissors insted of a needle beacuse they hurt less.

She gave me sum cleaner and the bar which came it to £25 i looked in the mirro and fell in love with my belly i love it soo mutch! She toled me i can take it out at christmas and put a new one in its healing fine and the clamps left a red mark at the top of my bellybutton but it fading and will be gone by Christmas.

At Christmas i will post a new story with a pic!


I posted a storie before and said i can change day bar after Christmas and here’s a pic to show ya all!=)

Belly Button Piercing Story