Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips and The Best Products

Belly Piercing aftercare tips

Follow these tips and your navel will heal quickly!

Proper belly button piercing aftercare is needed to heal your “brand new” navel piercing. The faster your new piercing heals, the sooner you can try new belly rings!

There are three stages in the healing process:

Stage One: The Inflammatory Stage. Your new piercing is an open wound. Bleeding, swelling and tenderness are all expected.

Stage Two: The Growth phase. This can last several months when you get a Belly Piercing. In this phase, your body reacts to heal the wound. ‘Crusties’ are common to this phase. Crusties are formed when some discharge from your new piercing dries and forms a crust on your jewelry. Never pick at crusties with dirty fingernails. During phase two, your body seals the channel of the piercing. Your piercing is considered healed at the end of this phase but may still be quite tender and will still need care.

Stage Three: The Maturation Phase. The channel of the piercing matures and becomes scar tissue. You may find that your piercing moves from stage two to three and back again many times before it heals fully. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find yourself back at square one.

As discussed, crusties, formed by a clear discharge from your piercing, are common. But do not confuse this clear discharge with pus, which is a thick, colored(yellowish-white) and foul-smelling substance. Pus is often indicative of infection.

One other normal piercing secretion is called sebum. This is often mistaken for pus but is recognizable by the fact that it is more solid, or cheese-like. It too, is foul-smelling. It is naturally produced by the body and is not a sign of infection.

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First Belly Button Piercing Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Ashley from Trumbull, Connecticut ❗

First belly button piercing

Free Body Jewelry

I was at this piecing shop with my bff, she was getting her belly button pierced.

So she asked me would I get one with her so I sad – “Yeah!” – but not realizing that this would be her second piercing.

She said it wouldn’t hurt.

It came down to me getting my piercing, she lied when he asked me did I work – I said “Yeah!” – like it wasn’t going to hurt, the man said that it might hurt more.

I bagged away so fast that my bff almost caught me in her arms – she said: “Just close your eyes…” so I did so.

When I opened them I saw him putting it in. It hurt so bad ‘cause my stomach muscles are so tight.

But it came out cute in the end! 😉

————– * * * ————–

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Belly Piercing Time!

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Layna

Belly Piercing Time!

Free Body Jewelry

My belly piercing experience was amazing! I decided to get my belly pierced because it’s a piercing that I’ve always wanted done.

I did need my parents’ permission though, and at the time I was 15, now I’m 16. I got it pierced August 3rd and once my parents signed, it became official.

I went to my hair salon that does hair, tanning, and piercings, and nails. My piercer was one of my dad’s high school friends and she is also my hair cutter. 😉 She was more than pleased to pierce my belly button.

She was so nice and reassuring about it all and it calmed my nerves. The process of my piercing was I laid back in a chair and my piercer tried the clamps, both were too big so she just did it by hand. When she did my navel, it didn’t hurt, just a slight punch. 🙂

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A butterfly ring please?

By Michelle, Brooklyn

Belly Button Piercing

I wanted a belly ring since my best friend got hers! it looked cute and it was a perfect time to get one cuz summer was here!!

i remember it was friday the 17 and i called my BFF “hey lets go get the belly ring done” i said and she replied HECK YEAH 🙂 in an excited voice! we got lost on the way to the parlor cuz my BFF hadent been there in over a month and she had only been there once! but we finally found it! 😆

when i got out of the car i thaught eww wat an ugly place! it looked ugly and gothic and as soon as my friend and i stepped in i felt quizzy it stunk like ciggars and other crap! but a nice lady asked wat can i do you guys for? and i replied i want a belly ring she said okay and sent me up to a room on the second flor of the parlor!!

there was a big guy names mucles! haha 😆 he was nice too and had lots of tattoo’s wich i found interesting! he sat me down and started marking on my tummy! my friend was there the whole time along side with my mom and my mother was just making fun of me!

but i was determined to get it done because i knew my mom thaught i would chicken out! It wont hurt its just like a little pinch michelle its no biggy i herd my BFF say & i took her word for it because she had already went through this same pain!

Okay i’m about to stabb your stomack said Muscles i didnt even get to say okay when i suddently felt a sharp object in my stomack it was all done! but i felt paralized i couldnt even move but then i looked down and the piercing was done!!!

it looked amazing i was so happy! 🙂 I came back down to the first flor and showed my piercing to a lady that was next up to get hers! i think i inspierd her even more because she was ready to go up! The lady at the counter game me some sea salt spray to keep the piercing clean and heal it up!! i was surprised when my belly didnt hurt after 2days!

on the sunday of that weekend i went to the lake but first my friend recomended some waterproof bandades and she even baught them for me! they were so big! and looked ugly but over all it did help and it kept the water away! im so happy with my belly ring i could kiss it!

hope it heels bad so i can put on my butterfly belly ring in!


By Ann S, Toronto, Ontario

Belly Button Piercing Story

It all began 3 months ago when I saw a girl with 10 piercings on each ear, which suited her SO well. I was both fascinated and curious about those piercings and we ended up talking for hours. Ever since, I’ve been drawn to the wonderful art of body piercing which is what got myself into piercing my ear and belly.

The first body piercing I chose was my cartilage. It didn’t hurt at all! The piercer told me to take a deep breath, and before I knew it, a gorgeous tiny silver hoop was on my ear. The first few weeks were indeed painful, especially when I was sleeping.

About 2 months later, I woke up one day and saw a picture of Vanessa Hudgens with SUCH a sexy and cute belly ring, I made up my mind on the spot to get one. This time, I did a little more research. In the end, I decided to just gut it. So I went with my friends to a highly recommended tattoo and piercing shop and chose a glimmering single-gemmed clear belly barbell.

As it turns out, it was SO painful. I endured about 10 seconds of pure pain on my belly 😥 and clenched my teeth until it was over. The piercer told me afterwards that she had to push the needle through more slower than normal because I had a “tough stomach”. She also took quite a while getting the little ball at the top of the barbell to screw into place. But in the end, I looked in the mirror and it looked simply divine!

Strangely, the weeks following my piercing, I didn’t feel any pain in my belly at all. Only when I accidentally catch it on my jeans, clothes or towel after I shower is when I feel a quick sharp pain. All my friends absolutely LOVE it and they say it’s the sexiest body piercing ever. I haven’t told my parents about my belly ring yet because it’s so easily concealed by clothing, but they’ll find out sooner or later.

Right now, my belly ring doesn’t hurt at all anymore and I’ve bought many different dangling, reverse, playboy belly rings to change into. So get a belly ring if you’re thinking about it, you’ll never regret it! 😉

Rocker Girl’s Belly Piercing Story!

By Marian, SF Bay Area – USA

Belly Button Piercing Story

I never thought I would get my belly button pierced…no way, no how. I had a co-worker in the early 90s before it really became popular show me hers – it was in quite an infected state and I almost fainted when I saw it–I have a weak stomach! I had my nose pierced about then (it was done with a gun) and that lasted for a couple of years but I took it out.

Newly separated from my (now) ex husband, I decided to get the nose redone and did that, then my friend “L” said she wanted to get her ear done way up high, so we drove to the place in San Jose, CA so she could get it done. I had gone to Body Exotic in San Jose CA for my nose – it was highly recommended, and L said they had done her belly ring way back in 1993 or so. As we walked through the door, she said “You should get your navel pierced.”

I said “No way! Too painful!” But she reminded me that I had once said if I got down to a size 12, I’d consider it…I never thought I would get to a 12 again or even close, but it’s amazing what the “Divorce Diet” does . She got her ear done, as planned and kept telling me I really ought to do my navel – “It doesn’t hurt much, it was over before I knew it” and she described the experience and breathing technique her piercer had used.

24 hours later, I was there, waiting to get it done! I was pretty nervous and I’m such a big chicken. I chose my jewelry – picked out a barbell with cobalt blue jewels both at the end and on the ball. I figured if I was going to have to wear the same piece for a long time, I needed to really love it.

My piercer, Daniel, had done my nose just weeks before. He was very good but omg it hurt like $#!!!. Afterwards, he said just hang out until I was ready to get up. So I laid down for a while and then thought I was ready to get up and pay my bill…when I approached the counter, the world did a big turn and Daniel and the young lady working there took one look at me and told me to lay down with my feet up. Whoops! I relaxed some more and then started to feel better. Daniel went over the aftercare instructions and I bought a bottle of ‘Satin’ anti-microbial soap. Eeew. I’d have to get used to this process… I was glad I had driven my truck as I don’t think I would have been able to ride my Harley home in the swimmy-headed state I felt.

Cleaning it was a rather difficult process for me to get used to; I’d get light headed all over again, but after about a week, that was gone; I overcame my squeamishness at last.

My gentleman friend made me a little guard for it – fashioned from a kitty toy/whiffle ball cut in half. It provided a ventilated guard so I didn’t have to worry about rolling over in my sleep, or if I was out on a motorcycle ride, my leathers riding on my belly.

I expected the worst – infection, etc. but in the coming months, none of that happened. I had a few little things happen where I would accidently bang into it and it would cause some redness to the top, but this always cleared up in a few days with some TLC and Sea Salt.

About 6 months after the piercing, I changed it. I had collected some adorable pieces. I even made a sweet acrylic rack to hold them – custom made. I chose some dangling cherries and that was fine – I was surprised that changing it was easy – the new jewelry slid right in “like butt-uh.” I had carefully disinfected the piece first; having gone to beauty school, I knew how to do this properly. I wore it for a couple of days and changed back to my original piece. I changed it a couple more times over the next few weeks – dangling chili peppersfor a chili cookoff I was doing, a sweet dangling shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, and then a butterfly, then a marquis shaped cobalt blue stone. That marquis was where my trouble began!!!

I wore it for a couple of days – it wasn’t a dangler – just a barbell with a large marquis at the end. Dull pain began on Sunday and grew worse. By Tuesday, I was sitting at work writing code and the pain was reaching quite a crescendo. I went out to get something for lunch and found that every little bump I hit in my truck was causing me agony. I soon was resigned to the ugly fact that I had to take it out. This made me very sad. As soon as I took it out, the pain immediately went away. I had nasty discharge (it wasn’t just the lymph stuff that you get when you first get pierced that is non-infection) and I smeled rust. RUST! I took a look at the piece I had taken out – it had a little metal collar near the top/ball – and it was rusty! ACK! No wonder….

It drained for about 12 hours and then I tried to get jewelry back in. Nope. I talked to Body Exotic and they said come on in and they would see what was going on with it.

At first I didn’t want to do it, but every time I passed by my sweet little rack of jewelry, I would frown. Plus, I had ordered a couple of new ones and they arrived in the mail last Thursday. It sucked….

So on Saturday, my gentleman friend and I drove down to San Jose and they took a look…the jewelry didn’t want to go back in so she had to use a tapered tube to get it back in. It didn’t need to be re-pierced, but reopened.

And the pain…was tremendous…

I’m glad no one was there because I invented some brand new ways in which to swear. If you’ve ever seen “A Christmas Story” the comment about the kid’s dad was “My father worked in profanity the way other artists work in clay or canvas…” I was quite the artist that day… 🙂

This time I didn’t nearly faint once it was over. I was advised to ice and take aspirin or whatever if I needed to – I didn’t need to.

Four days later, it’s feeling fine. It gets a little yucky at times but I keep it clean and am not going to change it for a few months – I have an American Flag one that I’ll likely put in on the Fourth of July – so that gives me a little over 3 months before I plan on changing it.

I’m not a svelte thing; I have a spare Harley tire around my midle, so when I sport new jewelry, I don’t exactly go around showing it off; but I know it’s there. It’s like wearing nice undies – you don’t show the world but you know it’s there.

I love it! I finally got around to telling my mom and she can’t figure out why her 45 year old daughter would do that but oh well. (She doesn’t know about the tattoos…. 😈

Belly Piercing Story – My Belly Piercing

By Paige, Doncaster
Belly Piercing Story
I’v kept begging my mum asking if i could get myn done but she keps saying No!!!! ur to young den couple of years later she promised and said you but it will hurt.

So on october 30th it were my 12 birthday we were going blue bannah to get it done but they said i have to be 13 and over so we went to bodyarts and my mum filled in a lil form and signed it. And i choose a bar a gold bar wit a red gem i wanted that one coz i got a short red top wit red gems as buttons from jane norman!

She put sum numbing spray on my bellybutton and then sat me down but first she marked my bellybutton with a pen and i said that fine and she sat my down and she put gloths on and used scissors insted of a needle beacuse they hurt less.

She gave me sum cleaner and the bar which came it to £25 i looked in the mirro and fell in love with my belly i love it soo mutch! She toled me i can take it out at christmas and put a new one in its healing fine and the clamps left a red mark at the top of my bellybutton but it fading and will be gone by Christmas.

At Christmas i will post a new story with a pic!


I posted a storie before and said i can change day bar after Christmas and here’s a pic to show ya all!=)

Belly Button Piercing Story