Waiting for 4 Years to Get Belly Piercing Done!

I have always wanted my belly button pierced since I was 14 because I thought it was cute. So I asked my mom and she said no not until I was 18. I waited 4 years later when I turned 18 on December 26th but couldn’t get it pierced on my birthday because I came on my period. So on December 30, 2014 was the day I decided to get my belly button pierced.

I was 18 so I didn’t need my mom’s permission to get my belly pierced. Me and my bestie went to a tattoo shop called Little Smitty’s located in Blue Island. I read some great reviews and I know a few people that got piercings and tattoos so I knew I was in good hands. My best friend was trying to calm me down because I was so scared. I had watched a lot of belly piercing videos a week or so before so I was extremely nervous! 😉

My hands were freezing cold when I entered the tattoo shop. I approached the desk with my best friend Reneeta and there was an older guy with full sleeve tattoos on both arms behind the desk. It will be an hour wait the guy behind the desk told me we have to sterilize the equipment.

So I waited my friend cracked jokes like you still have time to run away – I didn’t when I got mines done! I was so nervous that I was thinking about taking her up on her offer. That’s when I thought about how much I wanted and sacrificed to get this and I wasn’t just going to wimp out that quickly. So I sat there until the material was done being sterilized.

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Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips and The Best Products

Belly Piercing aftercare tips

Follow these tips and your navel will heal quickly!

Proper belly button piercing aftercare is needed to heal your “brand new” navel piercing. The faster your new piercing heals, the sooner you can try new belly rings!

There are three stages in the healing process:

Stage One: The Inflammatory Stage. Your new piercing is an open wound. Bleeding, swelling and tenderness are all expected.

Stage Two: The Growth phase. This can last several months when you get a Belly Piercing. In this phase, your body reacts to heal the wound. ‘Crusties’ are common to this phase. Crusties are formed when some discharge from your new piercing dries and forms a crust on your jewelry. Never pick at crusties with dirty fingernails. During phase two, your body seals the channel of the piercing. Your piercing is considered healed at the end of this phase but may still be quite tender and will still need care.

Stage Three: The Maturation Phase. The channel of the piercing matures and becomes scar tissue. You may find that your piercing moves from stage two to three and back again many times before it heals fully. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find yourself back at square one.

As discussed, crusties, formed by a clear discharge from your piercing, are common. But do not confuse this clear discharge with pus, which is a thick, colored(yellowish-white) and foul-smelling substance. Pus is often indicative of infection.

One other normal piercing secretion is called sebum. This is often mistaken for pus but is recognizable by the fact that it is more solid, or cheese-like. It too, is foul-smelling. It is naturally produced by the body and is not a sign of infection.

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To Do It, Or Not To…

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kaitlyne from Port Washington, Wisconsin. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

To do the belly piercing or not?

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I had wanted to get my belly pierced since I was little so on my 16th birthday my mom took me to get it done at the tattoo shop, along with my two younger sisters and boyfriend.

When I laid back on the chair I was so nervous!

My boyfriend couldn’t even look while he held my hand because he was so terrified of needles! 😡

It ended up turning out perfect and I loved it!

Three months later, I got the bottom of my navel pierced! 😀

I love how it looks and my belly piercings are still my favorite piercings I have to this day! 😉

* * *

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Pain Kills – Time Heals!

This navel piercing story has been submitted by Kalesha from Brooklyn! 😉

Pain Kills - Time Heals Belly Piercing Story!

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I’ve had my navel piercing for 2 years now. When I first got my piercing I went with friends – one of them already had hers pierced she was telling me her experience – the pinch feeling.

I was shaking as if I was cold as soon as I saw the thick needle – I had that “I’m giving up!” feeling.

I wanted just run out the place for a moment so I closed my eyes and said to myself “You can do this” my friends were on the side making me nervous. “OMG the needle!!!” – they added.

I closed my eyes as felt a pinch and sting. I suddenly started bleeding it was a little painful but I was so glad I did it and got it over with. I was in pain so and couldn’t lay on my stomach it use to hurt when I wanted to sit down.

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My Fantasy Piercing!!!! x

By Claire Thomas fron Doncaster, England.

After I’d picked my beautiful barbell, the woman autoclaved it and told me to come into the piercing room as she put on these cool looking black gloves.

She made me lift up my shirt, and she cleaned my navel with an alcohol pad. She then marked the dots on my belly button….and then it was time…

I thought I was going to piss myself silly!! I lay on the table and concentrated on my breathing thinking “holy shit holy shit” the whole time while staring at the ceiling. She put the clamp on and I’d thought it was the needle (but it didn’t hurt) but boy was I wrong. She then said “Ok I am going to put the needle in now. Take a deep breath and when you let it out I am going to push it through.” When I let my breath out, she pushed the damn thing through and actually, it hurt a little bit more than what I’d expected because she pulled up my skin to stretch it out so she could put the barbell through.

When she had put my ring in, she let me get up and I looked at it in the mirror. It was SO CUTE!! I was really excited, and couldn’t wait to show my mom and little sister. They both really liked it. The lady then proceeded to tell about the cleaning process. She said I should clean it with Dial soap and soak it twice a day in salt water.

The birthday present

By Chasity from Irwin, U.S.A.


It all started one day when i was asked what i wanted for my 15th birthday… and my mom had been telling me i could not get any face or more ear piercings but i could get my belly button pierced. So my boyfriend decided if i would get it done he would pay for it. My mom said wanted it to be it done right so she wanted to go to a doctors office.

I was a little anxious about every thing but my mom called the doctors office the morning of the appointment and asked about it and the secretary said they give a shot to deadin it, and to take a benedryll to help my nerves. Well i took 2!! when i got to the doctors office there was this lady who had had her belly pierced 3 times, 2 by the doctor and said i wouldnt feel a thing.

Well finally my name was called to go to the back, i was a little nervous and a tad excited too.

The doctor was crazy and liked to joke around. he told me he could do it with his eyes closed but i told him i would pass on being the first, so while he was telling me that he give me a shot to numb the area.my boyfriend recorded the whole piercing. the whole process was not so bad. then he gave me a paper with all the do’s and dont’s about my piercing. it has not been long since i had my piercing but i was told to wait 6 weeks before i change my belly jewelry. i was scared to get it done but once it was over i was proud to say i was brave enough 😀

Ouch…. never MIND!

By Maryalice Cortez, San Diego, CA USA

Belly Button Piercing

I had to wait a very long time to get my navel pierced. I was 16 when I first asked my mother if I could get it done. Of course she told me no, that I would have to wait till I was 18 to get it done. I don’t think that she really thought I was going to do it (because I am not big on pain).

Needless to say I am 19 now and I finally got it done! 🙂 It has been a little over 6 months since I got me navel pierced. I decided to finally stop being chicken and get it done.

I had off from school for thanksgiving break. My boyfriend and I spent almost the whole day driving around looking for a good place for me to get it done. I had gone with my friend a few months ago to get her nose pierced so I decided to try that place she went to.

It was about and hour drive from where we were. Finally we got to the piercing place. I was so upset when I saw a sign on the door that read “closed until Nov 28″. 🙁 I wanted to badly to get my navel pierced! I had finally worked up the guts to do it. I wasn’t going to walk away empty handed.

Lucky for me we had pasted another piercing place on the way there. I walked in and waited for a few mins with my boyfriend. I felt so out of place. Then finally after what felt like forever the “piercer” came and told me to walk into the back where the “piercing room” was.

I told the guy what I wanted. I wanted the lower part of my navel done because I wanted something different. He had me lay back in this chair, marked off the spot that I wanted. Then one…two…three…it was done. I felt a sharp “pinch” that was about it! 😉

I think that getting your cartilage pierced hurts more then getting your navel done. When he told me he was done I couldn’t believe it. I looked at my new belly ring. It was wonderful!

The piercing didn’t give me too much trouble. It got a little sore a few weeks ago. I was so worried that it was infected; lucky for me the piercing was irritated. The soreness went away in a few days. That was about the only trouble it has given me.

I have finally been able to change it and it looks great! I’m so glad I did it! 😀