My piercing story

By Simmy, from Slovenia

Hello, my first piercing was eight years ago. It was belly piercing. I have no problems with the skin, but the piersingman did take me too little of skin so I must be careful.

Next week I will get another piersing belly. I will send picture too.
Sorry for my broken eanglish. Have a nice day from Sloveni ex Yugoslavia.

Bye Bye Simmy

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It was tottally worth it!

By Emzy, from England.

So I was sitting at home one day looking on Google and deciding what piercing I want. I’ve already got my ears pierced, so this would be the 2nd time getting a piercing. I went to town with my friend one day and we saw a piercing place, and asked how old we had to be to get a belly button piercing. They said 16 to come alone, or any age and come with a parent. So I went home and asked my Mom if I could get a belly piercing, but of course, she said no. I said “Why?” she said “Because what if it gets infected or anything like that? You’re only 13!” I said “It could be part of my Christmas pressent, please?” So in the end, she said yes.

A couple of weeks later, my friend who I went to town with wanted it done too. We both went together with my Mom. When we got to the piercing place, my Mom had to fill out a few forms for us both. We pretended we were sisters. On the door, there was a sign.. it said, “No weenies aloud!” …I got quite scared.

When we both went into the room, the piercer calledKate said “Who’s going first?” Me and my friend had already decided that I was going to go first. There were 3 choices of belly bars, but they were all the same. A pink one, a blue one and a silver one. My friend Hayley wanted the blue one, so I got the pink one.

She marked with a pen where she was going to stick the needle through and told me to look at it in the mirror, so I did. She told me to lay down on the chair, and I was looking at the ceiling. My Mom doesnt like body piercings so she was just waiting outside. Hayley was stood over me watching, asking the piercer questions like ‘DOES IT HURT? HOW DOES IT WORK? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE DONE?’ the piercer couldnt pierce my belly button untill Hayley stops speaking, or the piercer would get distracted. Hayley shuts up, and the piecer puts the clamp on my belly button. I have quite a high pain tolerance… she puts the needle through, and I screamed. It felt like I got shot. Yes it hurt very much. So when I stood up, I looked in the mirror. I l!
oved it.
But then seconds later, I started to feel dizzy and it felt like I was going to faint.

It was Hayleys turn. She marked it with a pen and told Hayley to lie down. Hayley gets the giggles alot, and when she starts giggling, she cannot stop. She started to giggle, and laugh, and cry with laughter. About 10 minutes of laughing, she stopped. The piercer was very patient, which was good. The piercer put the clamp on Hayley, and Hayley started to laugh again. The piercer took the clamp off, and said “Please be quiet, because I’m losing my patience”, that made Hayley shut up. She pierced it, and it was all done.

The piercer gave both of us instructions for looking after our new piercing. About a month later, mine was fine and looked very pretty. Hayleys looked very red and hers was itching alot.

It was tottally worth it! Picture above, no she did not pierce my belly button slanted. The belly bar is just slanted there, and the camera angle is slanted also.

Thanks for reading 😀

I Worked Hard For This.

By Dionna from Summerville.

So for like two years now i’ve been asking my mom can i get a belly ring. And everytime she said no.

So the summer of 09 i really started geting interested in one. So i looked up alot of information like cost, healing time,ect. I put all that into a email and sent it to my parents. They still said no.

So i let two weeks pass. And thats when i started to get mad. I have alot of dolls in my room. So i truned all their head around and placed signs in my room saying “Happiness ans Smiles are no long in this room”

I also sent a bunch of videos of people geting their belly button pierced to my mom. And under each video i put “i will not give up until you say yes” So 2 days later my mom said yes and took me to get pierced. Now its all pretty 🙂

It’s Worth It!

By Brittany, from La Puente, CA

I have wanted my belly pierced ever since Britney Spears debuted her newly pierced navel in 2000 at her televised concert in Hawaii.

I gave it a lot of thought off and on over the years, and started thinking seriously about it in July 2009. In September, I finally decided to go ahead with it.

I had my then-boyfriend do the piercing, which I regret. Instead of doing it quickly and getting it over with, he went really slow because he was scared he’d hurt me. Well, it hurt A LOT more than I thought it would. We did use a sterile piercing needle and a 7/16″ titanium barbell. I have allergies to metals, so I decided to go with titanium.

I took care of it with daily saline soaks. After about two months, I noticed some problems with it migrating. I was worried it would reject, so I removed the jewelry. There was a lot of blood that came out of the piercing when I took out the jewelry- I think I tore some skin while removing it. After doing a bit more research on rejection, I decided to try a shorte, 3/8″ barbell instead. The longer one was moving around too much, causing the migration.

Now, 4 months later, my piercing is mostly healed. The migration has seemed to slow down, although I keep a close eye on it. It also migrated slightly to the left, so its not quite centered, but its not like anyone sees it except for me, anyways.

I was worried it wouldn’t look good because I’m overweight, but I love it. Everytime I look at it in the mirror, it seems like its a part of me, and I don’t regret it. It was a personal decision, I did it for me. Its not something that anyone knows about unless I tell them, and that is empowering. I like the navel piercing for that reason. I’m 21, so while my parents couldn’t say no, its not something they need to know about because they would disapprove.

Overall, even with the problems I encountered, I definitely love this piercing, and it was definitely worth it. It made me feel closer to my childhood idol, and while that may sound silly to many, it means a lot to me.