My belly piercing story (:

By Inshara from Melbourne.


So I have my belly button pierced, and when I got it pierced people were shocked, I’m not the type of person person you would expect to have piercings, people classify me as the ‘good girl’ so that made me want a piercing more! I just loved seeing the reaction on my friends faces! I had ALWAYS wanted one.

My parents were easy to convince! How I convinced them you ask? I just told them that it was my body and I was just going to get it done when I was 16 anyway! and I said that I wouldn’t start wearing skimpy clothes just because I had a navel ring!

I went it in with my mum after she had signed the papers, I was led into a room were I stood up straight as he marked where my piercing was about to go. The moments leading up to the peircing is when I started to get nervous! he had all his tools set out and I laid down on a bed type thingy and he clamped my skin and then slid the needle through and threaded the jewelry in and screwd the ball on. The whole porcess took 3 minutes and it hurt abouta 6-7 on a scale of 10 but the pain only lasted a second!

It has been 2-3 weeks since I got it done and it’s doing great! I clean it with sea salt twice a day, I am so happy that I got it done it’s probably one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done and I felt like a badass, lol.

A Good Decision

By Sapphire, form Perth,Australia.
I have always wanted a belly button piercing since I was young so when my best friend got hers done it immediately reminded me that I’ve always wanted one. Before she got hers done I had no idea about the process or even thought about how the jewellery was designed or inserted.

She told me all the details and said it didn’t hurt; I thought about it for a while and educated myself about it on the internet. Finally I decided I would get it done.

I went to the same place where my friend got hers done which was a long drive away, but it was worth it because my friend said it was good. So it came the day to get it done, I was the most nervous I have been in my whole life, luckily I brought my friend and her sister who also wanted hers done as well.

My mum was also there as I needed parental permission to get it done. Finally we got there and it was a shiny room filled with thousands of jewels. My friends and I looked at the jewellery while my mum went to the counter to let them know we were hre. It took a while before the piercer came and called us into a room.

First the piercer looked at my bellybutton to check if it wasn’t too tense or something, it almost was and the piercer had to get another piercer’s opinion. Luckily it was fine and it was time to choose a jewel, I chose a diamond looking one.

So then the piercer marked my navel and by this time I was terrified, I was still standing up and when she put the clamp on I thought she already pierced it! She got me to hold the clamp and walk over to the chair, which was quite annoying. I waited a little while and did not dare to look!

Finally it was done and I have to tell you the needle hurt like hell! I thought It wouldn’t hurt that bad but for some reason it did. After it was done my friend’s sister fainted! She had to lie down and put her legs in the air! It’s been a bit more than a year now and it’s almost fully healed and I absolutely love it!

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