“Ohh sexy belly!”

By Susannah Simon, New York, NY

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’d wanted to get my belly button pierced for a while and I heard it took a long time to heal. So I got it done in January so I’d be ready for summer. 🙂

I went downtown with about 6 of my friends. Two of them had agreed to do it with me so we could all have them together. We got downtown and scouted out some places but none of them seemed quite right.

Finally we found a place that seemed clean and the people were actually nice. The man piercing was a very quirky asian guy who made me feel much less nervous about the whole prosses. He kept saying “Ohhh yess you need sexy color, sexy color.”

Which probablly sound creepy but it was actually really funny. I volenteered to go first because all my friends were too afraid and I have the highest pain tolerence out of all of them. The guy showed me a box of all the different belly button colors and I picked a purple one and lowered myself into the chair. 😐

With my head back I closed my eyes but was tempted to open them one last time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. The very small piercing room was packed with teenage girls all trying to look over the guy trying to do his job, and two of them video taping already.

The guy got out what looked like a pair of cooking tongs and suddenly i didn’t feel like laughing anymore. My frienf Steph took my hand and told my to squeeze as soone as I felt pain. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I felt the cold mettle clamps grab a hold of the upper part of my belly button. 😯

And then the guy slapped my belly with his gloved hand and went “Ohh sexy belly! You look now!” And I sat up a little confused. It was done already? I hadnt even felt more than a tiny pinch! 😆

But I looked and there it was. A tiny, sparkling purple gem in my belly button. It was perfect! I loved it! I couldn’t believe I hadnt gotten it sooner!

The man procceded to instruct me in broken english how to clean it with anti-bacterial soap after the first week, and to leave it in for four to six months. Since I’m a vey fast healer I took it out and replaced it around Easter just under four months.

It healed fine and is one of my favorite things about my body today. I love it! I recommend if you want it, but just make sure you go to a good place, and everything is cleaned and certified etc.!