By Lee Ann from Summerton
my epic cerations_fbu

i am 16 years old and my parents told me i have to wait till i was 18 to get my belly pierced. they told me over and over again until i got to my breaking point and i did.

i was chicken at first bc i didn’t want it to hurt and i normally do piercings when im pissed off (mainly my ears and sisters and there bf’s ears) so i some what set my bf up for a fight which ended up with us breaking up and i got soo mad that i pierced it all the way thru the top and bottom part of my bellybutton.

i didnt noticed at firsted bc i was looking for my belly ring and when i looked down i saw the blood running down the bottom part of my navel i kinda freaked out in a panic attack and ended up blacking out.

when i woke up i saw it and i was thinking to my self huh thats cute too but i didnt have a double navel ring so the bottom closed up but i still got my top piercing done and still hiding it and wondering how long can i go before they notice bc we’re taking a trip too hawaii and i have no retiner for it lol…. wish me look!!!! <3

Rebel W/O A Care

By Phoenicia from Selma AL.

I am sixteen years old and I got my belly pierced about two weeks ago. I had wanted to get it done for about two years. I had never really thought about it until I saw my cousin with hers. I knew my mom would never agree to let me get it done so I decided to do the research on how I would take care of it and get it done with another cousin of mine.

About two weeks before I got out of school for spring break, I called my cousin and told her that I wanted to get my belly pierced. We had already talked about it a couple of times before. When I went to my mom’s house for spring break she came over and asked me what day I wanted to get it done and I said it really didn’t matter to me.

I was sitting at my mom’s house when I got a text from my cousin saying that we were going that day at 5:30. Her, her boyfriend and their children came and picked me up from my mom’s. When I got in the truck she asked so are you ready. I nervously said yes. When we got to the parlor which she obviously knew wll my nerves got the best of me. I couldn’t stop shaking . The piercer asked us what she would be doing for us and my cousin told her we both wanted our navels pierced. The piercer, who’s name I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure it started with an A, told me and my cousin to pick out our jewelry.

I picked out a steel barbell with a purple gem on the top and the bottom, my cousin chose a steel barbell with purple balls. The piercer sterilized our jewelry then asked who wanted to go first. My cousin volunteered. I stood and watched as the piercer marked he stomach then told her to lay on the mechanical chair, or whatever it called. Then she cleaned my cousin’s stomach and put some kind of brown stuff on it. She wiped it again then she clamped it She put some clear stuff on her glove then rubbed the needle in it. Then she put the needle through. Then she put the jewelry in and told my cousin she was good to go.

Then it was my turn. I stood up and let the piercer mark me. Then I laid back and she cleaned it and wiped it with the brownish looking stuff. I then closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see her put the needle in. All of a sudden out of no where i felt an extremely sharp pinch. I wanted to cry but then I thought about my piercing and how good it would look. I look at it in the mirror extremely pleased then I went bowling.

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By Takira, from Baltimore.

I asked my mom can i get a belly peircing because i didnt want a tatto and she said no lose some weight and i will think about it and i only weigh 130 and i was 15 at the time

I had no gut and i still dont so my 16th birthday rolled around and i asked and she said idk im not sure so i tlkd her into it by saying im on the honor roll i have ben doing good blah blah blah and she took me 2 go get my belly ring 🙂

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Never ever felt complete!

By Halima, from Long Beach.

I have always wanted to get my belly pierced since I was 11. I was so fasinated with it and I even though it was sophisticated and i still do.

Well, I am 16 now and i recently got my belly pierced in the begining of the year(January 2, 2010). It took a lot to convince my brother to take me(Hes my legal guardian). After trying to persuade him for the 1,000th time, He tells me “Give me one good reason I should take you to get it done when I wont allow you to walk around with a short shirt”. I say ” Exactly, Im not going to walk around school or the mall with a short shirt so why cant i get it done when its for me to see when i take a shower or go swiming”. Case closed ! (LOL)

The place I went to get it pierced at was in Hunington Beach in California called Tommy T’s Body Piercing. It was very sanitary and made me think of a hospital. I was so nervous! . My piercer went through everything with me and as nervous as i was it did not even hurt. I played it safe and simple and got a plain ring. Takng care of it was very easy i just cleaned it and didnt mess with it! This was a fun experience. I love my belly button ring and cant wait to put a pretty ring in their !

I cant wait to go swiming so i can show off my belly. This was a great decison for me but make sure when you get yours done, you do it because you want it, not because “its the thing”. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it and make a great decision. P.S – Proper aftercare is essential. Use the things your piercer tells you to use such as saline solution and sea soaks.

Thanks and be safe !

Getting My Belly Pierced!

By Tamara Flagg, Tallahassee, Florida

Navel Piercing Story

My best friend and I decided to get our belly pierced the summer of 2009, but my parents wasn’t going to let me. So I came up with the best plan ever, I waited to my sixteenth birthday to ask, because they couldn’t say no, not on my birthday. 😈

My mother and I was riding around looking for the perfect place to get my belly pierced. We stop at one place, I forgot the name but it was a lot of people with a lot of piercings, but every body was nice, but I didn’t get it done there cause they cost a lot.

We went to this other place, and my mom was like, “ok I’m about to get my lip done so we can have something together”. But she punked out on me.

The lady who did my belly was very nice. She told me what she was going to do and how it felt. She answered all my questions without ant problems. She was really good at her job. She made sure hand stayed clean the whole time.

When I told her what i wanted she took me to this room. She said, “do you want to stand or lay down”. I was like, “lay down”. But I didn’t have to lay down yet. She cleaned my belly, then she marked it with this pen to see where it would be.

She asked me was that fine. I said,”Yes”. I was extremely nervous when I laid down…  She was holding my belly together where it needed to be, then seconds later I felt it. It didn’t hurt like i thought I would. It felt better than an ear pierced.

Then she told me to get up slowly so I wouldn’t faint. I looked in the mirror it was beautiful! She told me to spray some Bactine on at least three times a day. When I take a bath clean it and pull it up and down, and change it until it heals, which would take 6 months to a year.

My belly pierced took five months to it heal. When it healed I put a dangly belly button ring in. It looks just like the girls in the TV! 🙂