A man and his navel

By Laurens, Amsterdam.

belly button piercing

It was in the first years of high school that I became interested in navel piercings. If performed well the persons sporting them radiated a sense of confidence and dare I say sexiness.

The problem here is that I am male, and raised in an old fashioned family there were specific limits to what one can do.

When I asked people what they thought of men with pierced navels the answer was mostly that they must be gay. To be honest I never understood why some things should be limited to one gender only. Truly the mental image of a fat hairy man wearing a navel ring, skirt and heels makes me shiver, but the same counts for women as well.

At the age of 23 I decided that it was now or never. I have a flat stomach and a healthy weight of 70 kgs, the only thing unclear was how it would turn out.

Last week I walked to Dare 2 Waer, a cosy clean piercing shop where I got my tonge pierced earlier and talked what I wanted. She liked the idea and checked my navel to see if a piercing was possible at all. No problems there and we selected the jewelry. Knowing my body loves to reject piercings I decided on a fairly long 12mm curved barbell with a deep blue gem so that it could be pierced a bit deeper than usual. While preparing my navel we talked about how rare it is for a man to have his navel pierced, I was the first for her.
After deciding on the placement my navel was cleaned and I was told to lie down on a table. The clamp was attached, which I barely felt at all.

Next came breathing exercises. She told me to regularly breathe in and exhale deeply, and after a couple exhalations she pushed the needle through, which timing came as a complete surprise to me.
To be clear, it did hurt, but the pain was not the dominant feeling. The feeling of pressure and the needle sliding through were much clearer than the pain. The actual piercing lasted no more than 2 seconds. After that the jewelry was inserted and the top ball screwed on.
From that moment the pain was completely gone. Checking out my new jewelry in t!
 he mirror I was surprised to see that it looked better on me than I expected. The placing was perfect with the actual bar completely invisible showing only the 2 balls.

While calming down we talked over the Instructions on the aftercare and I recieved a leaflet sumarizing the do’s and dont’s. She reccomended to drink juice and to sunbathe in order to speed up the healing process.
I thanked her again, paid and went on my merry way.

Now I am in the healing process and so far no problems.
After 2 days the 2 holes became a bit read and a small amound of crusting stettles on the bar, which is normal. In contrast to my tongue I don’t feel it so I am only reminded of my new addition when I accidentally touch it or when I bathe.

I wash my piercing in the shower with antibacterial soap and soak it with a warm saline solution while watching TV or reading. It is important that a fresh piercing gets fresh air so I regulare expose my belly while walking or driving a bicycle, although I have to say I am still unsure about showing other people.

Happy piercing!