By Sarah Elizabeth, Virginia, USA

Belly Button Piercing

I’m very mature for my age. I’ve always been the daring girl with the big boobs, no joke!

I’ve wanted my belly pierced since 5th grade when my best friend and I saw a picture of one in a magazine. As years passed I forgot about it.

I got my ears pierced. Then double pierced. Then I had my cartilege pierced. After adding a second cartilege and a triple piercing, i remembered my belly.

I started asking in January. Time and time again my parents refused. 🙁 I even tried shoving a push pin in one day to see how much it would hurt. Finally i put together a packet to show how dedicated i was to getting this done. My parents said i could! I was so excited! 😀

So i went online and found an amazing place called the body gallery. One day after volleyball practice my dad showed up to drive there, we entered in the address into the GPS in our car. But it was so weird, we showed up at the place, a really shady, creepy store with tinted windows and thugs hanging around smoking. 😕

My dad told me that if it was dirty we were going home. So we walk inside and BOOM. It was bright, clean, sanitary and had classical music playing and a fountain. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! So the man who did mine, Ben, was extremly nice and professional and answered all my questions.

Honestly, he looked scary. 😉 He marked it, made me lay down and clamped it. So I’m terrified of needles, as in, typically i need to be drugged for my flu shot. So here i am, laying down on the table, gripping my phone for dear life.

He pierced it. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt. Only For about 4 seconds. then it was done! I was the first to get it done in my school and im so excited to show it off at the beach this summer!



  1. I pierced my belly button by myself in the bathroom, with a needle, without even asking my parents. I was 13 and a half at the time, now I’m 14 and they still don’t know. I’m so lucky though. It didn’t get infected at all or anything and healed perfectly after four months!!!

  2. my parents wouldnt let me get mine done, so i said about having a different piercing done, they wouldnt allow it. so in the end they gave in and took me to a tattoo studio where they also do piercings, and i was very pleased with the people there giving me advice on how to keep it clean and how long i had to keep my first bar in. the shop was dirty, my piercing got infected and had to be taken out.. i was abit pissed off but now its all good i am getting it done again.. still got the scar?:L

  3. same i wanted my belly pierced but my mum said no but eventually they said yes and i got mine 4 months ago and i still enjoy showing my belly off

    by the way im 15

  4. i’m 13 an getting my belly button pierced next month. i’m super exited but i’m still terrified that it’s going to hurt. Will it be sore after they pierce it? If so how much?

  5. this looks really nice but.. some girl on facebook called shontelle has this picture on there but says its hers has she copied you?:s<3<3

  6. i like it girl very pretty i was 17 when i got mine and im 20 know lol well have fun showing it off like it do lol

  7. My parents also said no. I want mine done really bad. How did you get your parents so say yes?

  8. okay , cool story . but exactly how old are you and stuff cause i reeeeaally want mine done , but im thirteen /:
    and where did you go , cause i know there has to be some place in virginia thatll let a thirteen year old get her bellybutton done

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