Successful Belly Button Self-piercing Story

This belly self-piercing story was submitted by Taylor Brown, Carmichael, California

Successful Belly Button Self-piercing Story

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For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to have my bellybutton pierced. Not just because it’s sexy or cool, just because I loved the way it looked! 😉

When I was in fifth grade is when I really, really started to want it. I asked my mom all the time and she would tell me I was too young. Obviously I was way too young, but I didn’t care. 😉

One day after school I had my friend Krystal come over. She brought one of her older sister’s bellybutton rings. The dangly kind with a palm tree hanging off of it. Super cute. Anyways, I didn’t have any piercing needles so we were going to use a sewing needle which is really dumb. Before she came over I was in my garage and I found this thick nail and thought it would be perfect.

When she got to my house we got to work. We sterilized the nail with rubbing alcohol and used a butterfly clip as a clamp. When I was finally ready I tried pushing it through and it just wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t nearly sharp enough. All it did was break through a little of my skin and leave a scab. So that was my first attempt. 😀

We went swimming in my grandma’s pool the next day and my mom saw the scab and was angry I tried to pierce myself. I forgot about wanting my piercing for a while. Though in the back of my head I wanted it so badly. I waited and waited. Then freshman year of high school I was surfing the web and came across Amazon. They have almost anything you can think of on there and I’ve heard of people buying piercing kits online before so I thought I’d just look.

Sure enough they had kits on there so I picked one and added it to my Amazon wish list. For my birthday I just asked for Amazon gift cards. When my birthday rolled around I hopped on Amazon and ordered the piercing kit and some belly rings. When the kit came I was soooo excited. ❗

That night I tried to pierce it but was too scared so I waited. I tried again another time but I got it halfway and stopped it scabbed so I let it heal. About 2 weeks later I decided to try again one night.

I was super bored so I thought why not. “I’m sure it won’t go through anyways”. So I sat in front of my mirror marked myself up grabbed a lighter and sterilized my needle and my ring (I used up the alcohol pads it came with in my previous attempts).

I positioned my clamp and just pushed the needle really hard. It took a while but it went through. I remember being so scared that when the needle pops out the other side (I pierced the top to the bottom) it would stab the bottom of my bellybutton.

It didn’t because it came out really slow. When I realized the needle went through I was so shocked I got very shaky was barely able to put the jewelry in. I got it in and it looks fantastic. I never had any problems with it like infection and I’ve had it for 2 years now! 😉

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  1. I have never had a a successful piercing I think it’s my weight or allergic reaction I am a breast cancer no tuts but I want a belly ring I’m so struggling how to heal and handle

  2. I got my belly button pireced cause my bf asked me to. at first I didn’t want to get it pireced but now I love It and he loves it 2 I washed it with salt water and antiseptic solution I got mine done at a shop. I have had it done foe 6 weeks im looking for some more belly button jewelary for when its healed

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