Stupid yet cute Idea!

By Janice, from Tx.
I want to say that I did pierce my own belly when I was 14. Stupid I know but I loved and wanted this piercing soooooo much but my mom is strictly NO to any piercings, including my industrial.

Anyway I was searching the web for pictures of goth clothing and etc. when I came across a couple body jewelry sites. I looked at the belly rings first, and I instantly knew I wanted this piercing. I asked my mom several times in the span of a couple of months. Same answer always was no.

I finally had enough and decided to do it myself.
After school one day, I went to a friend’s house. I had already bought a belly ring from walmart and I had gathered up a sewing needle, some alcohol wipes, a clamp, and a clean towel. I sat down in the middle of my friend’s bedroom , put the clamp onto my belly,marked the spot with a pen, cleaned the needle, and prepared myself for the pain. I knew the moment the sewing needle went through my flesh I was going to regret it. I bit down on my lips and the neede finally went through. The worst pain I ever felt in my life was when my friend helped me push the belly ring through the much smaller hole in my belly. I wanted this piercings so much, yet I knew I shouldn’t have done this.

After a couple weeks, though, my piercing got infected like I knew it would, and after the infection healed, I noticed that the piercing itself was way too shallow to heal right so I took it out. I was sooooo upset, but I eventually got to get it pierced by a professional. Please do not pierce yourself, guys and girls. Bad Idea. I didn’t have a noticable scar, but I still know that I damaged myself and it hurt more¬†when I got it done properly than it would have if I had not gotten impatient.

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