Steel Surprise

By Melissa from San Diego.
I decided to get my belly button pierced because recently I lost weight and I thought it would be a good way to bring in the new year. My sister got hers done when she was 14 and I always wanted one too.

I went with my friend to get it done in San Diego at the same place she had been pierced before. The shop was clean, bright and spacious. The piercer, Evan, was rather young, probably in his late twenties. I would have preferred to be pierced by another girl but he was the only piercer that worked there.He turned out to be very nice as well as knowlegable, though so I didn’t mind.

He explained the piercing process to me and the aftercare before we got started. I was relieved to hear that he wouldn’t be using a clamp, which I heard is painful. After I signed the consent form, which I was able to do myself since I’m 18, we went to the piercing room off to the side which like the rest of the shop was clean, spacious and well lit.

Before making the mark on my belly where the piercing would go, he cleaned the skin around my tummy and the reclining bench I was to lay on. He told me to take a deep breath and pierced me as I exhaled. I did the same as he put the surgical steel ring in. I used to have my septum pierced so I didn’t think it would hurt as bad.

Instead, I think it was more painful. The actual pain wasn’t too bad, it just took a little longer to do than my septum. All in all the process was very quick and I paid 70 dollars for it when we finished. My piercing has healed very well and I was able to surprise my boyfriend with it! I can’t wait to get a pretty dangley ring and wear it to the beach!

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