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Stainless Stell Belly Button Rings

It’s no wonder steel is the basic material for body jewelry!

Steel navel rings are very common because this is a top quality material and it is not expensive to produce. Although stainless steel contains ¬†metals other than steel, these other metals don’t make it less body-friendly.

They are added to make it more durable for instance, and chromium is added to prevent rusting.

It is the basic requirement for the first time belly button piercings. So if you buy steel body jewelry, you can ask your piercer to insert it into your fresh piercing – after sterilizing, of course. But remember – steel body jewelry can’t be autoclaved (this is the process of sterilizing) if they have any other material elements – acrylic balls or gems for example.

So when looking for a new piercing made from steel,don’t just look for navel rings made fully from steel, look at anything you like and most likely that belly ring’s shaft is made of steel. The only true exceptions are¬†titanium, gold or diamond belly button rings.

Belly button rings made of steel don’t react with body tissues. That is why you won’t find belly rings completely made from silver – in all the online stores recommended by me, silver body jewelry comes with stainless steel shafts.

Belly button rings made of surgical implant stainless steel is another choice for the first time belly button piercings. This metal used in medical industry for implants and is a high quality alloy. You’ll spend a bit more buying a belly ring made of implant steel, but it’s cleaner and less porous than the common stainless steel and if you want to have the confidence of having a belly button ring that could be as well used inside your body…go for it!

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If you want to see good stainless steel body jewelry, check out Body Candy online jewelry store. Most of the belly button rings have stainless shafts unless stated gold, bioplast or pregnancy belly rings. Click “Belly Button Navel Rings” on the navigation bar and then browse 32 categories of belly rings. As I said – most of them are made from stainless steel except gold, bioplast or pregnancy.

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  1. I recently got my belly pierced but I was unaware about the things to be followed. I completely agree with the points mentioned above related to the side-effects or things to consider.

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