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By Samantha, Ohio, US

Belly Button Piercing

I never really thought of getting a belly piercing until one time my friend was talking about wanting to get it done. I kinda started thinking about getting one but I knew my parents would kill me if they found out! 🙁

One day while I was out shopping with my friends, I saw a piercing place and since I had just turned 18 figured, what the heck, I’m going to get my belly button pierced! 😉

The place that I went to was very clean and I knew a lot of people who have gone there with great reviews. When I walked in the man asked what I wanted and I told him that I wanted a navel piercing. He asked if I wanted it done now so I said yes.

I read a little paper work, showed my ID, signed my name and I was good to go. He led me into a back room and had me lay down on the chair. He very carefully explained the entire procedure and showed me the tools he’d be using and santized them so I could see that he did. I was a little nervous but with my friends by my side I knew that I would be alright.

He told me that the clamp is the worst part. He put the clamp on my belly and it kinda hurt but it wasn’t too bad more like a pinching feeling. On the count of three I was told to hold my breath as he inserted the needle. It was a really weird sensation it made me feel a burning warm feeling deep inside it was hard to explain but it didn’t last too long and bam! I had my new piercing 🙂

After it was over, he told me to clean it twice a day with some saline solution and not to swim for at least 2 months and if i’m thinking about changing the jewlery to check with him first. I looked at the mirror and abdolutely loved it!

It’s been 3 months since I’ve had the piercing and I’ve had no problems at all. It’s still healing but Im not going to change it until I know its ready. My parents still don’t know about my piercing and I’m hoping to keep it that way 😆


  1. When it’s healed and everything, and you take the ring out, can you tell that there is a hole? That’s my only worry, I don’t want to have a visible hole when the ring is out.

  2. I wasn’t worried too much about hiding it because my parents never see me swimming but once its healed you can buy a clear retainer and its not very noticable

  3. to hide it when you first get it pierced the best thing to do is probably wear a clear retainer…you have to keep it in all the time till it heals tho lol cuz you cant switch it out all the time it will get infected. you can find them at piercing shops …try keeping a tshirt in until you get in the water and when you get out dry off and put ur t back on and tell your parent that you dont wana get sunburnt or something (i know it sounds kinda like a lame exuse but its wut i would do) good luck! 🙂

  4. if you got it pierced 3 months ago how go you hide it from ur parents like when you go to the beach and the pool and stuff i really want to no how to hide it from your parents especially in the summer cuz i love wearing bikinis and with a bikini on the beach and your parents there i wanna no how to hide it anyone plz answer my question plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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