So…I have a tight stomach…..

by Crystal


heads up to any1 that plans on gettin their belly pierced….DO NOT STUFF YOUR FACE WITH FOOD BEFORE GETTING IT DONE!!!

i got mine done in miami a cpl of weeks ago. it was 4 of us, and as a “memory” of our trip, we decided to get a piercing or a tat. so, i decided to get a belly ring, which i’ve wanted to do for about 3 yrs now. too bad we came up with this idea AFTER going out to eat.

we had stuffed our faces with seafood as we came up with this idea. (and if ur ever on miami beach, check out cj’s crab shack…its delicious).

i didnt think anything of it til the guy piercing me had to sorta jam the needle thru my skin, which hurt of course. but i didnt think that putting the jewelry in would hurt more than the needle. he had to grab my stomach pretty hard and force the ring in.

and i have 4 tats and a nose ring, and this was the worse pain i had. it took him about 3 or 4 min. just to put the ring in. and he said it was because my stomach was so tight. oh boy, go figure.

it doesnt help that whenever i eat i look like im a good 3 months prego, so of course my stomach would be extra-tight.

so, moral of the story is…..dont be a fat ass before getting a belly ring. unless u like pain, then u can be a fat ass

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