By Bri, from York.

It all started on a Friday when I was at the beach and saw a really thin girl with her belly button pierced. It immediately got my attention .

I kept an eye out for other people who may have there belly buttons pierced ever since. I got jealous to the point where I almost did a self belly piercing. Not a good idea, I realized.

So I asked my mom if I could get it done and of course she said “NO!” So a couple weeks went by and I needed to get my belly button pierced! I asked around if anyone could take me but no one wanted to get yelled at by my mom. I wouldn’t want to get yelled at! I knew she wouldn’t see it until summer when it was healed because it’s tucked under my shirt.

Eventually, my friends aunt took me to get it done. She signed the papers and it also helped that we kind of looked a like a little bit. As I picked out my belly ring I wanted I got totally nervous. My piercer marked my tummy with a purple washable marker. As picky as I am I made him redo it so it was prfectly straight. I held on to my friends hand and was shaking because I knew what I was doing was doing was wrong. My piercer put the clamp on my navel and I swallowed hard with fear and excitement. When he said breathe in and did the count down my stomach dropped.

When the needle went through me it felt like he was piercing 3 layers of skin. I could feel it go through 3 layers. I was a uncomfortable feeling. I thanked my piercer. He gave me a sheet of paper explaining what I had to do to clean it and what products I should use. When I got home my mom asked me what I did that day. I said nothing like usual. As time went on summer came. My mom found out and made me take it out. Little did she know it was healed so i just put it back in when I got home. That is how I was sneaky!!


  1. im 12 years old mi mom said i can get mi bellybutton pierced wen im 13 maybe be4 just 4 mi bday yay awsome story i cant wait yay

  2. hahahah same here:) im still not allowed although i did mine myself:) my mom trips out everytime she catches me with one in buti just get a new one:) i love my belly ring so much, it was totally worth it

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