Simply Pierced

By Mariah Lowery, Huntington, USA

Navel Piercing Experience

Okay, so I’ve been wanting my belly button pierced since I was like 12. So I was in my room and since my mom wouldn’t take me to get it done, I decided to do it myself. ( I know, stupid, right? )

Well, I numbed it with ice, and slipped the needle half way through, and that was as far as I could go. So I poked a dangling belly ring in it and that was that. I “had my belly button pierced.”

Well a few days later me and my mom was playing a game, and she called me a wimp. I was like “Yeah right, look at my abs,” and I lifted my shirt up and it revealed my navel ring. She said she would have taken to get it done professionally if I just would of asked! 😯 She told me about all the infections I could have gotten by doing it by myself. So I took it out.

I was constantly asking my mom when she was going to take me to get it pierced, but she swore up and down that she never told me that I could. I was furious! 👿

So, when I was 14 I decided to pierce my nose. I did it, without “numbing” it and this time I actually put it all the way through. I loved it! I’d take the nose ring out when I would get home form school and put it back in before I went to bed. Several weeks later my mom found out about it and once again, she made me take it out. 🙁

Finally, my 15th birthday was rolling around and I finally talked her into letting me get my nose and belly pierced. Well, together the price was $80.00 and my didn’t have the money, so I could only choose one. I chose my belly button.

As it came closer and closer to my birthday, money flew in from some of my friends and family. Soon I had $125.00! So, I paid for my nose piercing and mom paid for the belly piercing! 😀

A day after my birthday, my cousin’s girlfriend (Kristen) took me, my mom, my younger sister (Marah) and I to Epicenter Piercing and Tattoo Studio downtown. My mom came in signed the papers and was like “ Okay, can I go out to the car now?” and the guy at the counter laughed and said “Sure.” (By the way: my mom has a very weak stomach and can’t stand the thoughts of piercings.)

Well, it was my turn and Kristen, Marah and I walked back to a small room. The piercer wasn’t bad looking if I say so myself. Anyways he talked to me and made me feel so comfortable. He had me stand in front of him while he marked me and then told me to look in the mirror to see if I liked the markings.

I sat back down in the chair and he had me slide my butt all the way to the front of the seat. He put the clamps on my belly button. By this time my 7 year old sister was pacing the room saying “oh my, oh my, oh my.” Kristen and I were laughing our butts off. He got out the hollow needle and asked if I was ready. I turned my head and said yeah.

He counted to three and slide the needle right through. That was just a little sting. What hurt most is when he put the silver bar in it. I loved it. Then he did my nose! After I was all finished he gave me the cleaning solution called “H2Ocean,” and told me to clean both piercings twice a day. It was amazing and totally worth the wait.

I love my belly button piercing! The guy that pierced me was AWESOME :roll:, and the studio was very clean and professional!

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