Shhhh It’s a Secret.

By Michelle from Glenview.

I was at cheer practice on Wednesday after school. I overheard my friend talking about getting her belly button pierced. The idea intrigued me to get one too, but I knew it was definitely out of the question with my parents. I talked with my friend(who wanted to get one done too) and she said that she was getting it done by her other friend and she said that I could come with her. Saturday came along and we were waiting in her living room to leave to the piercers house. Once we got to the friend’s house we were waiting in the kitchen for her to get her piercing stuff. My heart was beating so fast that I could barely hear myself think! My friend went first because she was the most scared out of everyone. My turn was up and I was so freaked out I almost chickened out but before I could do that, She had already put the clamp on. The clamp hurt so bad! It made my skin numb, so that I could barely feel the needle go through my skin. I was relieved that the pain was all done! My ring is a silver ase and a emerald green jewel. The next day I had cheer practice! I was so scared that It was going to rip! But I put two band aids over it so it wouldn’t fall out. I’m so happy that I got it!

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