Self Piercing 101

By Tammy, from Science Hill, KY.

Ok So I didn’t really pierce my belly myself. But I did get my boyfriend to do it for me. It didn’t really hurt that bad. I think he should be a piercer because it was perfect. I went online before I did the piercing and got all of the information that I could. I watched videos of professional piercers online over and over again. I also got my boyfriend to look at all the stuff I had found online. I would have pierced myself, but it’s kinda of a weird angle to be sticking a needle in. I’ve pierced other parts of my body before and haven’t had any problems. I actually would love to have a job as a piercer but I don’t know how to get into the field of professional piercing. I was smart and bought a piercing needle, clamps, and a starter belly ring from where most piercers get their equipment. All of my stuff was sterilized, they had been in the autoclave and were sent in medical sterilization bags. Once the piercing was over, I maintained the piercing by soaking it in a sea salt/water solutiondaily and I washed it once a day. I have had my piercing for a year now and I am very happy with it. It took about 6 months to completely heal. I also used H20cean, which is a very wonderful product. It is a saline solution that many piercers give to you when you get pierced. It helps the body heal faster, therefore great for piercings. I prefer plastic belly rings. They are also called bioplast or bioflex. I prefer these over surgical steel because I have bad reactions to metal. Even though most belly rings say they are 100% surgical stainless steel, I still get bad reactions. So plastic is the way to go. And yes, bioplast can be sterilized in an auto clave. I love my piercing and would encourage anyone to get a belly piercing.

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  1. I really like your story, one of the more intelligent, smarter and reponsible self piercing stories, so many people sticking safety pins inside themselves and ending up in hospital theese days 😀 You’re awesome ! I got ine done in a tattoo parlourr but yeah you did it the right way, well done, it looks HAAAAWT ! 😛 !!

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