Self navel piercing once…then again…then done properly in a piercing shop!

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July 2007, Chelsea, Jonesboro, United States

So I had to beg my mom to let me get my navel pierced for four years!! LOL she said “no” of course.

So when I got to the 9th grade I said screw that I want it done so I attempted to do it myself. It looked infected because it was done with a safety pin. So I took it out. Then a few months I tried again it was too far off to the side.

So the summer before my senior year in high school,(I was 17, state law in Ms you have to be 18) I went to visit my older brother in Greenville.

While talking about tattoos and piercings the subject it came up again, and he said he would take me to get it done and I thought he was playing.

So about a week later the day of his big 21st birthday bash we happen to go to the mall where there was a tattoo and piercing shop nearby. It was closed, for remodeling. Luckily one of the guys that does piercings in the shop was next door in another store. So he told me to pick out a ring and we went in the back to the piercing room.

My brother had to hold the plier things. The guy pierced it after cleaning it and getting everything set up. I tried to sit up and look at the needle while it was in my stomach because I really wanted to see it, but the guy told me that I shouldn’t try to sit up with the needle in there.

LOL ( I was curious) It didn’t hurt and I am the biggest wimp when it comes to needles. But my brother said he did see my eyes get big when the needle went in my stomach.

My bellybutton was now officially done at 5:15 eastern time on July 22, 2006!! I remember everything. As follows my mom and dad found out in September and were not happy. But I didn’t care because it was something that I really wanted and I never ask unless its strictly something that i really wanted. So I turned 18 in November and got a tattoo just curious bout how it felt it didn’t hurt.

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