Second time’s the charm

By Camy, from NJ

I got my first piercing when i was 16 years old and it got infected because i did not clean it and when i did i used peroxide and i used alcohol.The skin began to eat away and pus and eventually it rejected the jewelry.
Long story short I got a nasty keloid 🙁

I was recently on the shore and decided to get another piercing despite my first bad experience.I got it done on the bottom its called a reversed navel piercing and its on the bottom since i have a keloid on top.

I have been cleaning this one with sea salt and its a little red but i think its just healing.I paid $32 for it after sweet talking the guy and when he told me the sea salt was $20 i said no way and made my own solution.The guy was nice and told me all the instructions to clean it.

And i got it to inspire me to lose weight its cute i think!?

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