second time around

By Jasmine from AL
20130217_150029_fbu-001I’ve always wanted my belly button pierced. I did tons of research, it was like my obession. When i was sixteen i asked my mom and she told me no (of course) but then i asked her again and she said she didnt care but she was taking me, paying for it, or signing for it. i was like ok cool! so on december 19, 2011 (the day before i turned 17) me, my big bro, and his friend set out to go get it pierced.

it was really quick and painless. i noticed it was a little cricket but i thought maybe it was normal. after having it for a year and it was completely healed i noticed that there wasnt much skin and no rings really looked cute in it so i took it out to let it heal and get it re pierced. after having it out for a month i said i was going to the professionals to have it done.

i went to a tatto studio called cloud nine. they are really legit. i had to sign papers, give a copy of my id and everything. when i went to the back with spike i showed him where my first one was and he said “wow thats crickt as f***” and he marked where it should’ve been then proceeded to do all of the neccessary sanitation things. he cleaned the area, the jewelry and, lubricated the needle. he told me to lay down and breath in then out then in again.

honestly the second time around did hurt due to scarred tissue and what not! its still a lil sore and i have to be extremely careful about bumping it and stuff but im extremely satisfied and happy i went and got it back cause i had missed it and didnt want the ten pieces of jewelry i already have to go to waste!

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