Second time a charmer.. :]

by angelica

(new jersey)

So one day I met up with one of my old friends and I noticed she had a belly ring, I had wanted one for a long time by the way. Anywho, I asked her a couple questions about the piercing process and how she took care of her piercing.

That night I went home and did some research on it and decided to get it done. The next day, me & my friend went to a local tattoo & piercing shop and had gotten my navel pierced. It was a very easy process as well as the healing process.

However, i noticed that when the piercing was performed, my bar was hanging out from the bottom of my belly button instead of having my skin cover it like a normal navel piercing looks like. So i decided to let it heal and then take out the piercing.

About a year later I got my belly repierced and I absolutely love it! It looks just like i wanted it to look like in the first place. And i absolutely love the bar.

The piercing process the second time around hurt a little bit more than the first time just because of the scar tissue and I also bled for like a minute but other then that, everything seemed ok, and still looks ok.

And I LOVE my new piercing! :] THE END.

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  1. Hey , i had jus gotten my belly pierced done by like a month and 2 weeks ago but my mother found out and made me take it out , so i did and its healed shes finally letting me do it but im scared because everyone sayss the secound time hurtss i was wonderingg doess it exactly really hurt ? And the healing process how long and does it hurt n sore as much as the first time? Thankzxx

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