Scar piercing?

Sent in by Tanairie from NJ
IMG759_fbu-001I have wanted to get my belly pierced since i was 16 years old.

When I was 17 i went to the boardwalk in wildwood, nj and stopped at about every body piercing place there. But every piercer told me that they would not pierce my belly button for me. Why?

Because I have a scar that goes right through my belly button. When i was a baby appendix ruptured and they had to do emergency surgery and did not have time to be neat about the way they opened me up. Well i guess they didn’t think about how it would look as i got older.

I used to hate my scar but i have learned to embrace it. I am now 18 and i went to Atlantic city last summer and found a body piercing place on the boardwalk. I decided to try and see if they would pierce my belly button. I had no idea they would say yes!! I was so excited.

As i walked to the back of the store and sat on the chair, my nerves started to kick in. I was really anxious. I lay back and the piercer was very nice about everything. He told me it would hurt,but i would feel a pinch. And that is exactly what happened. He used to clamps to pinch my skin, and stuck the needle through. Then he put the belly ring in. It was very quick and painless. After, he told me how to clean my piercing and how to prevent infection. It helaed very well in aboit three months. I now find any excuse to show off my piercing!!

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