Samantha’s Belly Button Infection

By Samantha

… i got my belly button done like a month and a couple weeks ago… and at first it was healing amazingly … but then my boyfriend bought me a nice belly button ring and it hadnt been six months yet and the percier told me to wait six to eight weeks untill i could change it…

so i really wanted to put his belly button ring in so i did… and then that night i went to a dance and it was okay but it really hurt… so that night when i got home i looked at it and i had a big stain of blood on my t-shirt … because it bleed i guess …

i was scared so i just had a shower and went to bed… at about 3 or 4 in the morning i was still up… in pain i couldnt move and if i did my belly button would kill me so i woke up and asked my sister who also has hers done to look at it … she said it looked okay and then i took the ball off and she almost puked because the blood started gushing out …

and it was really strange! so i went and took it out after five minutes of letting it out i realize that i wanted it in badly and the pain started to subside… so i took my original hoop and put it in again the blood started but then immeditly stopped! i went a week with the ball off the hoop because it wouldnt click on… now my dad put it back on for me about 1 in a half weeks after that i noticed a little lump on my belly button…

i thought it was my scar from when i got it done before i didnt think anything of it… i just said whatever that little lump was skin colour and it started to get bigger.. i showed my mom and dad and they said it looks like a little ball of puss or a blister so i took a needle and tryed to pop it it just started to bleed…

my parent told me to leave it so i did this moring i woke up and my belly button was really swollen but its like a pinkish colour… the lump had gotten a bit bigger… when i got home from school i waited till my mom got home at 5:30 so she could check itout she also has her belly button done… she told me that i should go have a bath and put absin saults in it so ! i did…

it felt helpful… i got out of the tub and my friend called so i went in the other room and i lifted up my shirt to see what had happend and i saw all this white puss come out and i was ready to trow up… i went in and showed my mom she said omgsh its infected badly go clean it so i went and then i came back with my cleaning stuff as i was cleaning it the lump had ripped opened and started pussing as well and my mom was like eww… and so was i …

it also started to bleed and everytime i squeeze the pinkish swollen part all the puss starts to come even more and thicker… it has been doing this scine 9:30 pm and its now 11:36pm… i asked to go get a docters appointment and they are taking me tomorrow! 🙁 i dont wanna take it out but if is kinda hurting me and getting very badly infexted so idk!!

please comment and help me and no rude comments thanks for ready my long ass story !!!! lol but it is all true i will take pics and show it but you will trow up !! trust! but peace dont forget to comment!!


  1. it was paining so badly……finaly i showed it to my boyfriend….he slowly pulled aside my saree…..n slowly kissed my navel so softly that it raised my mood……i forgot d pain….he was slowly sucking frm my navel….n licking my navel……he kissed n sucked my navel for about ,15 min….n then my navel didnt pain fr a while…….nw wenever my navel hurts ….my boyfriend kisses on my navel ….n my pain goes….its true girls…plz try it…its my humble request ….it works…..ul get d pleasure also

  2. heyy: ive had mine for almost 2 months now, well i started messing with it and felt a huge knot under my bar, not exactly in the bottom hole, under the hole, i started freaking out and took my ring out and started pressing on it. well i could see what looked like some puss coming out so i went to the bathroom to clean it with a Q-tip but nothing would show on the cotton swab, so i continued to press on it, and puss literally shot out of it n the more i pressed on it more puss came out then it started bleeding. so from reading what everyone else has put on it what should I do??? is it infected?


  4. I am a little younger than I should be to get it done I am still thinking tho but my sister told me some stories about people crying for 3 days straight! I am really scared and I am not sure if I should get it done or not…please help!!!!!!! Please contact me at

  5. I got my belly done one week ago and it’s fine really it do’s not hurt at all i even forget it’s ther well the thing is it’s a little red and am scared I only clean it 1 or 2 times a day with soup and I think is working fine but I been reading some comment and am ganna do the sea salt thing but I realy don’t want to get infected noo puss has come out but I tuch it alot and I move it cu sometimes it gets stuck I can’t wait to change it 🙁 but am still a little worry cuz like I said it’s red but it duz not hurt I just want the redness to go away soo plz HELP!

  6. i got mine dne febuary 12th and its been almost 4 scared to change it cas i dnt want it to get infected.the guy who pierced mine said it was normal to have it ooze puss and stuff.mine didnt really ooze tho lol.i clean mine three times a day to make sure it doesnt get infected, i want to kno if i shuld wait to change it or just go ahead and change it?? nd i wanted to know which type is better tiatnium or what?? lol thank you

  7. So. I just cleaned my for the first time with alcohol, and people told me no to but why not?!? My mom had hers pierced two or three times and hers healed perfectly fine! (She had to keep taking them out for her job) so since my mom cleaned hers with alc hlohol I cleaned mine with alcohol!!! Umm I want it to heal faster too! Well actually I think its healed, its never pussed my hole is. Clear. It never hurts. But its been only 3 weeks! And I went to the lady who pierced me, even said it looks about fairly healed?!?! Advice plz??! email me plz

  8. Well i got mine bellybutton Pierced and i took it out to clean it and then i put it back in Duhh lol and i hit my belly button on my bed and now theres little red dots under my bellybutton ring and it itchs and idk what to do can some please help me!!

  9. to the people who say they have little bumps in their peircings- its called a keloid usually due to using rubbing alchohol, witch hazel ect. only use sea salt, soap, or your favorite shampoo. uhm & the ‘ white puss’ isnt puss its absolutley normal its called lyxnth its what your body uses to heal itself also ointments & creams shouldnt be used because the can infect or slow the healing process since theres no air reaching the peircing. i got mine done a month ago im 13 & my moms a nurse. my only questioj is how long i should wait to change it & what size gauge am i.

  10. that sucks.
    i have mine done in 6 different places. but mine hasnt gottten infected in a long ass time. it used to get infected all the time until i had it for about 2 weeks.then it stopped.
    oh well. sorry for your inconveinence

  11. omg that was really terrible that u ave been true, i just got mines pierced 4 about 4 days now and it abit painful at times but i hope it doesnt turns out as urs, but u should have really listen to what ur piercer had said cause they had probably knew that it would happen to u if u had taken out earlier than the time they had given to u

  12. Ok. So a major thing i know is dont change it and if you really want it to be fully healed you will wait until a year. I had to get mine redone because i didnt wait the first time and i have a scar so there reallyis no other option the ring takes attention away from it so thats nice. All i have to say is sea salt and dont touch. if you want to be able to wear any ring you want you have to get through the healing process first. take one for the team and dont change it until it’s time!! also iv never heard of changeing it before 3 months must depend on the person. but im not going to do mine until a year because i want it to just heal

  13. well i am 13 and i got my belly button done about 3 months ago yesterday i noticed a little red lump on it so i took it out and cleand it i keep it out for the full day this morinin i woke up and went to put it back in and the buttom hole wasnt lettin the bar trough but there was still a hole the second was grand and lettin it through no boler cud someone please tell me why this happenning

    thankss :):) xxxxxx

  14. Heyy;
    From reading your story, it seems that the problems occured when you first changed your jewelry. You should NEVER change your jewelry until its fully healed because when youf irst get it done the piercer would have selected suitable jewelery for you and not ‘cheap’ jewelery.
    -By getting a bellybar and not a ring might help you as the bar will be covered by your skin and there would be less of an infection then if it was a ring.
    -Clean it with seasalt and warm water 2times a day
    -To get the hard bits of crust off your bellybar, use warm water (it works best if you do this in the shower)
    -DONT PLAY WITH IT OR TOUCH IT during the healing period, as this is just letting bacteria irritate your piercing.
    -Be careful with your piercing as its still in the ‘healing process’. Dont touch it with dirty fingers or wear tight clothing, as this tends to irritate the piercing and redness and swelling will appear because of this.


    If you are considering changing bellybars, and cant get the bar out then go to the place where you got it done at and they will be happy to change it for you and should be free of charge (considering that your belly is FULLY healed)

    Poor cleaning routines, WILL take your piercing longer to heal.

    Enjoyyy (: xx

  15. Heyy.. I had mine done about 3 weeks ago. It really doesnt hurt that much, just when i bend over or get my shirt caught on it. 🙁
    When you noticed it was hurting you, i think you should of taken it out then, because you can always get it re-pierced.
    When i had mine done the guy told me that i should wait 6 weeks to change it. so im for sure waiting after reading ur story.
    I’ve had only one incident where i was actually like OWW! , it was when i got my shirt caught on it, and it was the 3rd day i had, had it. It started bleeding of course, so i told my mom. she said soak it in some salt water, and it stopped.
    You should take yours out, unless its better. and wait just a few years to get it re-done. or try piercing the bottom of ur belly this time.
    Hope i kinda helped.
    -<3 Ciara

  16. ohh yea and ur not supposed to change ur ring until maybe 2 months because some rings that are made aren’t made of pure metal so they aren’t good for healing and that’s what’s irritating ur skin and making that puss pocket

  17. ohhhh i had something like a lump between the two holes of my piercing and it didn’t hurt but like some ppl said it looked like a pocket of puss with i later found out was a pocket abscess (basically like a giant zit the piercer said) i think that’s how its spelt any way that’s cause i was worried i went a piercer that my friend went to since his is doing really well, he said that it was cause i was swimming and toward like the end i sorta stopped cleaning it but if u guys have those bumps u should go check it out and stop fiddling with it, ur just making it worse and there is a big chance it will get worse and a little chance that it will get better. So u should have a professional check it out

  18. hey im 19 and for my b-day present to my self on 9-18-09,i got my belly done. well its fine but theres one prob. i cant take my ring out! i twisted it both ways and still nothing wat should i do??? and i really want to change m ring its boring, it just plain silver…

  19. Well as an older person to percing (my b-day present to myself) for my 50th birthday, as old as I am, I still couldn’t wait to change it out! I had it done 2 months ago. I was going from SS to gold and back and forth until it felt like a hot stabbing knife was going through my belly button! I tried alcohol and neosporin and it got worse! I called the place where I got it pierced and the guy said I couldn’t have done two worse thing. He said sea salt and distilled water. Take a shotglass, heat it for 5-8 seconds and reverse it and soak for about 5 minutes. I did it and 3X a day, a few days later I was fine! Make sure to clean your piercings in alcohol first, but let it try, then wash it with an antibacterial soap and rinse well. then spray with H2Ocean or seal salt and put in. I think I got infected from not cleaning the jewel properly. That’s my 2 Cents! Alice

  20. Well Christy.
    I’m not really sure if putting a hot wetcloth on your piercing is going to do much. Because all you’re doing is putting something hot on your navel.

    The other things you’re doing everyday is great for it.

    It’s probably just the ring that’s causing everything.

    And if there’s white ish liquid that’s coming, that means it’s healing.

    But do keep in mind, don’t touch your ring too much.
    Even if your hands are clean.
    It could irritate your piercing and cause an infection.

  21. i got mine done 4 weeks ago today. I’m almost out of my 31 days of not being able to get in water!! YAY~!! Anyway last Tuesday i noticed that inbetween the 2 balls on my belly botton ring (i have a barbell) on my skin there was a knot that started up. I wasn’t sure what it was from at first, maybe i had just bumped it and didn’t mean to. Well then it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here it is a week later and it hasn’t gone down any i went to the lady that did it this past saturday she told me to out a wet washcloth in the mircowave for about 30 sec. and rest it on my navel for about 10 minutes. It pulls that bacteria if any out in the piercing hole. Well i’ve been doing this 3 to 4 times a day for the past 4 days now and its getting even a little bigger. But my only thing is everyone talks about blood and puss coming out of theirs and i have had that problem. Mine never even so much as bleed at all and still hasn’t. At first it did has some puss come out for like the first couple days, just the normal whiteish discharge. But i have this knot on my belly botton and what use to be a really cute belly piercing has turned into being a nightmare for me because i’m scared what the lady is going to say today. She said it could be either bacteria that ahs just got in there, but i’m cleaning it 4 different ways all 4 ways 3 to 4 times a day each!!! My actual hole where the ring goes thru looks great, no redness, looks really good even the lady said so herself. So she wants me to come back today to get a different ring put in. She said i could just had sentive skin and its bothering my skin. So hopefully that will work!! But i think its werid if it is that, it waited after 3 weeks before showing any signs. I don’t know. I’m a little worried but it isn’t as bad as i’ve seen some.

    So this is what i do :
    * 2 – 3x a days i take a tablespoon os SEA salt and put it in a 8oz glass of warm water. kindof bend forward and put the cup to my belly and sit there for about 5 to 10 minutes. (this pulls bacteria and puss out to clean it)
    * H2Ocean is a sea salt spray works really good, i spray that on my navel
    * i clean it with the Satin soap i bought from the piercer tiwce a day daily.
    * Then the newest thing ive been doing is putting a wet washcloth in the mirocwave for 30 sec. and putting it on my belly botton for about 10 minues.

    Anyone have any thoughts for me maybe??

  22. I got my bellybutton pierced almost a month ago, and it is healing nicely. I’m a dancer, so it hurts every now and then when I bend a certain way but only because it is still healing. I had a small infection due to drill camp, but its all cleared up. I have gone swimming and everything, but if you do that, make sure to clean it right after your done!!! Otherwise you’ll get a nasty infection. I don’t know when I can change my ring out? When can you?? And where is a good place to get good, safe rings?

  23. So I’ve had mine done for only 2 weeks. I’ve been tempted to change my ring but I know I’m not suppose too. So I haven’t gotten to that point.

    But I keep touching my ring, even though I know I’m not suppose too.
    I’m starting to get scared because before clear liquid was coming out. I know that was normal because it’s healing. But the other day, white thick liquid came out but it was only a little and happened once. I kept thinking it’s infected and not sure. I don’t want to go to the doctor’s already because it doesn’t seem that bad.

    I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help?

  24. The first rule of piercings is DO NOT TOUCH IT! haha! My piercer just about drove me nuts saying this. It probably got infected because you put in a new ring but also because you had to touch the ring on the parts that would be inside your body to do this. Also, you shouldn’t have popped the swollen lump. You shoulda just tried to wash it with sea salt and seen where it went but like everyone’s saying if you woulda just waited to change it you would have had a lot less problems.

  25. I got mine dne about 3 weeks ago and mines is fine.. I still clean it with dial soap and soak it… But I dnt have plans on changin it until it is fully healed.. I’ve heard enough stories and I am scared of it getting affected..

  26. when i called the place i got it done at they told me that its not infected when puss comes out. only if you have green stuff coming out its infected. so believe it or not, its not infected.

  27. Casey, What u doin is enough wash it with dial soap and soak it with sea salt and warm water. but like after like 4 months you could do the Leavethehellalone approach. but now since its fresh you have to take care of it

  28. Well, I got mine belly button pierced 2 days ago. I’m seventeen and I like to go out a lot. Yesterday I went to a party and people kept bumping into. I washed it with Dial soap (the bar kind) and once a day I soak it n warm sea salt water. Is this enough. Also when my piercer pierced my navel he put triple antibiotic on the needle so I’m sure that ointment can’t be to bad. I’m thinking about using the LeaveItTheHellAlone approach though since I really feel no need to touch it. What are the chances that it’ll get infected if I do?

  29. wow that sounded like it was really painful. I had mine pierced as a birthday gift on my 19 parents dissaproved of minors getting pierced so I got it then.
    I was a beach goer, everday in that water, I lived in hawaii and the piercings are real popular out there.

    I had mine pierced for a week and thought “ok, maybe I can go to the beach and get wet toady!” so I went and swam and it was all fun of course. but two week s after that my piercing began to itch real bad and it was getting verrrrry red. I took witch hazel to it, perioxide and rubbing alcohol even green soap(that is medical grade) nothing was making a difference.

    I told my mom I got a piercing and it was infected. she told me to take a baby syrenge and mix salt into warm water, take out the stud and put the syrenge tip into the piercing hole on top and place a towel or paper towel on the bottom hole.

    I began to do that, flushing out bacteria and what not.

    when I was done with the cup of salt water I looked at my paper towel, lo and behold there was sand and green pusstules. I was like OMG soooo gross cuz it looked like boogies! so I took the syrenge and fillied it witrh rubbing alcohol immediately after using the salt water and fulsed my belly button with that too.
    Im lucky It didnt get super infected.

    I do that process every month like clockwork just to keep it clean and I ALWAYS sanitize my studs by taking a small bowl filling it with rubbing alcohol and setting all studs in it for and hour. you should do that once a week.

    Never get pastic studs for your belly button before 6 months. the plastic is porous and has jagged edges that make a veyr hospitable environment for germs and bacteria!

    always get studs that have internal threads, because evternal threading on a stud scrapes and damages newly pierced skin and make healing time longer and could cause possible infection.

  30. yeah… when i got mine done, i was afraid that it had gotten infected… like you, my mom also has hers done, and she told me to just clean it out with the antibiotic and see if it got better, and it did. its fine now!

  31. To Jennifer: What you are experiencing is totally normal.You’ll snag it ALOT when you first get it done, not to worry, after awhile you won’t snag it.Your just not used to it being there.Mine too has a pimple like bubble thing on the bottom hole.I puses andbleeds.I’ve had it for 6 months I recently got into a hot tub which could explain as to how and why the bubble thing came about.’ve been cleaning it constantly and staying out of hot tubs and pools. If it is infected I’m sure it will subside.It isn’t swollen it’s just as big bubble.If anyone has any advice or experiences similiar to mine it’d mean alot if you could respond :]

  32. yea i got my belly button peirced a few months ago…mine also got infected..i tried rubbing alcohol and it only worked for the time being but it got worse…than i got that little bump too…i got curious and began using neosporin and miraculously it works!!!

  33. omgsh. im really sry about wat happened to u. i just got mine dne after waiting 5 years. i have wanted it since i was 10 and now i am turning 15. i got it pierced june 5. so it has been ten days. i get worried about alot of things so i always look things up. i have a barbel that is a special kind cause im alergic to nickle. i have been hitting it accidentally for the past days either pulling my shirt up or down and accidentally snagging it or just brushing my stomache. i have gone back to the place i got it at and they say its fine and looks ok but it hurts on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 2 or 3. last night b4 i got in the shower, it had a clear liquid seep out. i used a tissue and cleaned it up. then i got in the shower and washed it off with wat the piercer tolld me to use, dial antibacterial hand soap. he told me to rub it with a wash cloth and when i try to, it hurts so i only squeeze some in my hand and pour it on the navel piercing and move it up and down. then i wash it off. sometimes afteer i do tha, it still hurts. so i have a few questions if anyone can answer them.
    1. what was the clear liquid that came out? why?
    2. am i correctely cleaning the barbell? if not, any suggestions?
    3. how long should i wait to take it out and put in a prettier one?
    4. how can i tell if it does get infected?
    5. some people have told me that after they get it done it pushes itself out, how can i stop it from doing that?

  34. .*well im not qoinq 2speak so fast;;b/c ijuss qot mindz dne n like a month aqo n dey tld me 2 wait about 6weeks 2.iwaited like a whole month n i chanqed mindz.well 2make alonq story short nuthinq didnt happen 2mindz and i think qod 4dat;;but wat happened 2u is o’so sad.but ushouldve @lease tld ur b/f is yall still 2qether??


  36. I’ve had mine done for about 7yrs now, had i had the same thing happen to me very recently. I ended up having an allergy to the new ring I had been given as a gift, many cheap rings have nickle or other allergen holding materials. I now know to only use surgical steel (not stainless steel), gold, or plastic rings. You should buy a plastic ring, sterilize it, and leave it in till it all heals. Mine cleared up in about 24hrs and feels great.

  37. wow…how is it lookiin now??
    i got mine done in the girls locker room[lol]..and lukii i didnt get infected..
    but u shud of listen to ur piercier!!
    hope its ok now!!

  38. I had a lil bump on mine too i poked mine wid a needle got the puss out nw its been like 6 weeks and its going nw 😀 plus u dnt have to keep it in for 6 munfs haha its only 3 xx

  39. I’ve had mine pierced for 1 year now and never changed it. What the piercer told me to do was clean my piercing 3 times a day, not to take baths- only showers, and to soak it in saline solution (contact lens solution) once a day for like 5 mins. What I did was put some in the cap of a waterbottle and press it to my bellybuttton til I got a suction on it. I’ve never had any problems with it and its pretty much healed I think. Also, just because u think its healed doesn’t mean it is anddd after u pierce it u may see some kind of white stuff but its not always puss. Its called “plasma” and part of the healing process. So continue to clean ur piercings and don’t change it I would suggest for at least a year to be sure. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at 🙂

  40. im so srry what happend to you. i wish you listened to the piercer. but u didnt no lets try to fix this mistake. i have mine done and i was alloud to change it 6 months ago and i just changed it last night. because my friends mom has hers done for 3 years and its not healed yet. everones body heals differintlly. if i were you. i would clean it 3 times a day once in the morning after your dressed,, after lunch because when you eat your body will sweat you might not see it but it does and so much build up will cause it to be infected. and once at night, when you have your pj’s on. this is how i took care of mine. i also let h2ocean soak when i would lay down for about 5 mins. Please make sure you go to a tatoo and piercing place and buy the spray h2ocean its like 12 bucks. good luck let me now how it goes.

  41. I’m really sorry that happened to you. But good things come to those who wait, and i think you should’ve waited. I just got mine done yesterday, and i already want to change mine cause its not sore. But i know i have to wait. I think you defenitely should have listened to your piercer.

  42. that looks soo bad .
    you really shouldnta changed it so early :S
    when i got mine done . it didnt hurt when the needle went through, but then like a couple hours later, i couldn’t breathee.
    i was stressing out so bad. but then i sprayed that stuff on it and it was finee .
    but my advice, i think you should take it out and leave it out. and go to the doctors .
    lol . dont get your belly pierced againn. 🙂

  43. Hi, im really sorry to hear, what yur piercing has done, but mine has done somethin like yours, i had a blister of some sort on the top hole and it would get very swollen, i popped it the first time and puss came out, and it cam back a second time but has gone down. I used sea salt hot compresses, put sea salt in a glass, boil water into a cup, then stir it until most of the sea salt is dissolved, take a cotton swab or gauze pad, and put pressure on it for 10 minutes, this should loosen the piercing a bit and reduce this swelling, so good luck to you and i hope this helps ! 🙂

  44. hey, I’ve had my belly button done about 4 months ago and it seemed like it was doing fine untill about two weeks ago….i also noticed a lump and thought it would be puss so i squeezed it and puss started to come out of the peircing…. my grandma just told me to take it out but I love it so much that I cant come to doing that…. then she told me about some girl dying because her belly button got infected. i decided to go online and reseach it and all I could find was stories like yours…I was just wondering wat the dr. told you? My belly button hurts a little but not enough to not be able to move it around…Ive just noticed the bleeding and pussing…I would like to know your opinion on it so plz comment me back…


  46. yeah i dont think you should have changed it so early. i dont know how long you had it before you changed it but i think you should have waited. i changed mine after about 3 weeks and nothing happened and its doing fine. it also could have been the ring if it wasnt cleaned or maybe your body just rejected it. i dont really know. but good luck.

  47. Wow im so sorry 4 wat happened to you. Sorry to say but u shouldnt never change your belly button ring thats how it all started….
    If you saw it gettin infected you should had soaked it in warm Sea salt water for about 5 to 10 mins everyday. That helps it heal. But i think you gonna have to take it out and take some antibotics and let it heal. Maybe you could pierce that bottom. Next time you get a piercing do your research and dont change it until its healed!

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