Round 2: Belly Piercing After Rejection

This belly piercing story was sent in by Joshulyn from Georgia! (read her nose piercing story here)


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I always wanted to get my belly button pierced and I did get it pierced Memorial Day of 2011 . My healing process was going good until i notice that my skin looked like it was getting thinner almost a year later. A few weeks before it was year of my piercing i took it out… 🙁 I waited until Feb . 9 2013 , to get it re-pierced .

I asked my friend did she ever consider to get it done or does she have it done and come to find out she already had it done and knew a place where i can get it done . I went over her house that weekend and we went to the place. I told them that i wanted my navel pierced and they took me to the back where i once again picked out my red double gem belly ring , just like the first time i had it done.

I laid down and waited until my ring was sterilized where my piercer told me to lift my shirt up she saw my old scar from my first piercing and she told me that my hole was still open but it was an 18 gauge and she can stretch it out to 14 gauge but it’ll be very painful.

More painful than me getting it re-pierced . I told her to re-pierce it because i wanted more skin over the ring. She did what i told her and now i have my piercing again . Im very excited to have my piercing back! 😉

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