Reverse belly button rings – help and advice.

reverse belly ringsReverse belly button rings are to be inserted upwards from the bottom of the piercing and the dangle hangs down over the navel.

They can have either dangling charms or a curved bar with lots of gems on it – this is a classic style reverse navel ring.

From afar it looks as if a captive bead ring has been inserted – it creates an illusion of a full ring.In fact, it’s better than a full ring – it doesn’t project too far away from navel, thus reducing the likelihood of catching to something.

In this picture you can an example of a reverse gold belly button ring. You see – it gives the illusion of a full ring but isn’t.

reverse belly button rings

Reverse belly button rings have a totally different concept to common belly rings because the centre of the piece of jewelry sits above the navel instead of its center.

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