Re-Pierced My Navel.

By Lisa, from Winnipeg.

I first got my Navel pierced in November 2010 and I didn’t feel it at all, it was almost as if someone had pinched my belly button and lightly twisted it quickly. The shop I went to had a bad reputation for Tattoos, but I found this out after I went, make sure you look up reviews online about the shop before you go.

Although I didn’t have a bad experience there I had a bad experience with my after care. I thought I did all the research that I needed to know, but it turned out I was very wrong.

I read somewhere on the internet to use sea salt soaks and Bactine twice a day. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT use Bactine, it dries out the piercing and traps the bacteria. I also used Alcohol on it cause a friend told me that’s what she did and apparently that dries out the piercing even more and is worse. It didn’t really occur to me that my skin was slowly flaking inbetween my piercing until I woke up one morning and the skin was completely translucent.

I went to my piercer that day and she told me hat I unfortunately had to take it out and let it heal, I was so bummed!

Now I just got my navel re-pierced 3 days ago, I wasn’t expecting it to hurt at all considering the first time I barely felt it, but this time it actually hurt alot and it bled quite a bit after it was done. My new piercer told me it was normal when going through some scar tissue for it to bleed. ( she did pierce behind my scar though.)

When I was leaving she explained the sea salt soaks again but this time gave me a free bottle of Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap to use as well. (Dial Antibacterial soap works just as well.) I also went out after and bought myself some H2Ocean from another piercing salon because they did not sell it where I went.

My new piercing seems to be doing great lately though, I’ve been cleaning it twice a day and making sure I move the bar up and down when cleaning. Please make sure you do ALOT of research before you get it done, I made the mistake of not reading enough. 🙂

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  1. thanks for sharing your story. I pierced mine as well.. in two months it would have been a year. When i did mine first it didnt hurt and then teh ball started to burn my skin and leave a hole. I changed it (cuz ill kinda allergic to the regular jewellery) and i used a plastic ball. It was doing fine and i was doing sea salt soaks. Then it started to hurt less so i started to change the ring and sometimes i skipped cleaning it in the night. then i started using alcohol cuz a friend told me it was good to use. It went downhill from there and started to reject. I culd see the bar through my skin and so i had to take it out. its healed up now and i have a keloid scar. .not very big but its noticable.
    I wanted to repeirce it but I put on weight since then and my tummy isnt as flat ass it use to be. Ill probably do it bk soon though…

    1. Well, unfortunately you heeded to your friend’s advice about using alcohol which is actually an irritant and also you didn’t go with the bioplast belly ring in the very beginning – probably you wouldn’t have the rejection problem then.

      But hey – it’s never too late, so keep us posted on how you’re doing when getting the navel re-pierced!

  2. @Jasmine, My eyebrow piercing hurt more than my belly button. My belly button was only a pinch but my eyebrow I could feel the needle go through and a strong burning sensation. It didn’t last long though. Sadly my eyebrow rejected though. 🙁

  3. Sorry on the late response…
    I don’t have my eyebrow pierced so I wouldn’t really know, but the first time I got my navel pierced it didn’t hurt at all… all I felt was a slight pressure on my belly button but no pain.

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