Quite the experience, ha

By Ashlee, from Montana

HI (: my names ashlee. i have wanted my belly button pierced ever since i figured out that was possible. when i was twelve years old (young, i know) i finally had my parents talked into it, but i chicked out after watching youtube videos on it, haha.

Three years later, at fifteen, i asked my parents if we could try for a round two. they seemed okay with it after talking to some friends who just happen to have daughters with pierced navels too. It was cheerleading season at the time i made my decision, so i decided to wait until the season ended so i would be able to let it heal a little before getting back on the floor (or in the air) haha.

So the first monday after the season ended my mom picked up my best friend and i from school and headed to the piercing studio. I had heard great reviews about the place from everyone i knew with a body piercing.

It took us forever to find it downtown, so i called the guy and asked how i could find this place, so he gave me some directions and said there i a big skull and cross bones in the window, you cant miss it, (reassuring right? i mean i was already flipping out) well, he was right you couldnt miss it, and we found the place and headed inside. The guy was very nice and funny, pretty cute to ,haha. but anyway, he had me pick out my ring and then had me sign about 235345 different spots on this form,saying i was pretty much okay with him stabbing me! After i did my homework , he took me over to the dreaded chair and had me sit down and lean back.

My mom and best friend stood there and watched me like i was crazy, haha, he rolled my shirt up, i was like freaking out, but he was only gonna mark me so far, so after he marked me and made sure i was okay with it, he took out the big boy toys. the clamp, needle, ring. he kept saying sorry for his hands being so cold. i was okay with that part though, i was more concerned about the needle that was about to be shoved through me like a fork to food.

So, as im laying there, ready to grab my moms hand, turns out she backed up and closed her eyes, thanks mom. while my friend stood there and watched with this “ew, i feel sorry for you” look. haha, well it took him a couple tries to get the clamp on because apparently i dont have very much skin there, but once the clamp was on, im sitting here thinking holy cow its almost time! he told me to take a breath in and slowly breathe out. by the time i was done breathing out he had pierced me! i was in such shock and amazement that i barely felt a thing! he put the top ball on and asked me if i was okay, i said yeah in this weak, “i think so” voice.

and i stood up still shaking from the adrenaline rush, the dude thought i was about ready to pass out cold. but he told me a little bit how to clean it, not well enough though, i got most of my information from friends who had it pierced. then i payed him my fifty bucks and we were outta there! i was so excited! so we went on a search for sea salt, and went to hot topic to get h2ocean spray. then i headed home.

i walked around my hose with my shirt up just showing it off to everyone who had seen it a thousand times, or didnt want to see it at all. haha, but i absolutely love my belly button piercing and i cant wait to change it and put in all the pretty ones (:

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