Quick and Almost Painless!

By Shell, Pt.Pleasant, NJ

Navel Piercing Story

I’ve been wanting a navel piercing for almost a year now. I’m not the smallest girl, but I’ve been trying to lose weight for a few months and when I told myself when I got to a certain point I’d get my belly button pierced. 😉

So, a few weeks ago I began researching all about belly button piercing (this site helped a lot!). I’ve gotten my ears pierced twice and my mom told me that this is the last piercing that she’s paying for, I have to wait until I’m eighteen if I want more.

My mom agreed, even though she’s not to keen on piercings other than the ear. 😕

I wasn’t too nervous until I woke up this morning. I was anxious about the pain and my mom was trying to convince me not to get it done. I almost backed out, but I convinced myself to get it done. I’m so happy I went through with it!

I went to Adrenaline in Brick, and they were great. They explained the aftercare procedures and made me feel comfortable. I went in the room with my mother (who was more nervous than I was) who held my hand. The piercer was very quick and all I felt was a sharp pinch. My dad was with us too, but he just wandered around the store looking at different jewelry. 🙄

I picked out a simple curved barbell with purple gems, and they gave me the aftercare products (Satin and H2Ocean). Once the paperwork was filled out we were out in twenty minutes. It was a little pricey ($85, but that included the jewelry).

The piercing ached for about and hour after I got it done, but now it barely hurts. I am so glad that I got my belly button pierced, it’s something for me and I feel great about it! 😆

My parents don’t like it that much, but I love it!

I highly recommend Adrenaline for piercings. They are extremely clean, they are professional, and they have a great selection of jewelry. I love my belly button piercing, the little pain that I experienced was worth it! 😉

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