Putting my mark on my stomach

By Deanne, from Surrey.

Hi, Im 53 and live in UK.
When ever I saw navel piercings I’ve thought how nice, would love one but never realy considered doing it as over the past years I have 2 tattoo’s and my ears pierced twice. then in 2009 I had a major operation which added a few more scares to my stomach which made me feel ugly.

So a year after my operation I was having coffee in town and watched people going in and out of the tattoo studio across the way and noticed a piercing sign in the window, and before I new it I was in the door admiring the large rang of sparkly bars, and when a guy came out from the back and ased if he could help me I was picking a purple crystal bar paying £25 and signing the form before I could blink, lol.

As I lay in the chair I had enough sence to ask will it hurt, which is a bit late to ask lol. He said I wouldn’t feel it as he would spray numb it, all I felt was a cold spray and by the time I was asking him how long it would take I felt a slight tugging as he attached the bal to the bar, he got the mirror so I could look, I was a bit disapointed as it was all red and swollen but he said that would go over the next month and he gave me a set of care instructions then he put a dressing on it and I was out the door, I smiled all the way to my car.

I followed the instructions but then got an infection so changed to using Savalon Antiseptic Wound Wash, which worked realy well and cleared it all up in 3 days, I now use it at least twice a week to keep it clean and also changed from a metal bar to a PFTE one which for day I attach acrylic balls and metle/crystal for night outs.

My mother still cringes every time I show her my new bars, lol. but I smile as I can now look at my stomake and think it’s beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “Putting my mark on my stomach”

  1. One of the reasons I finally got my belly pierced (at 27) was to add something pretty to the 3 keyhole surgery scars I have there already. Good choice…anymore piercings in the pipeline?

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